The Power of the Ancestors

When I say the word, Ancestors, what pops into your mind? There are so many ways to describe these guides. There are ancestors of our blood, of place, of time—and the wisdom they carry is different in each area. This is a HUGE topic and area of study. I’m going to simplify it for our purposes, but if you’re serious about connecting with your ancestors, you’ll want to learn how to do it properly.

First things first, our Crossed-Over Loved Ones are also ancestors, but I divided it up because how you work with them can be slightly different and your intentions may be different.

There are many names for the types of Ancestors you’ll encounter, but here are a few categories that exist:

  • Blood Ancestors. These ancestors are via your DNA going back through the generations. They include your loved ones, but also people who you’ve never met. Your family tree will be a great place to start in terms of understanding who falls under this category for you.
  • Ancestors of Place/Ancient Ancestors. This is where areas bleed together. These ancestors would be  your people who lived back in the country that your line came from. If your family immigrated from a specific country and lived there over generations, you would have ancestors that would help you get in touch with those practices and that culture. However, you can also go back even further to your ancient ancestors. These are ancestors that those previous ancestors came from—think of it like go back to when your people lived 10,000+ years ago to tap into their wisdom and knowledge.
  • Ancestors of Time. Totally different category of ancestors all together. These are not blood ancestors, but ancestors from all of your different lives and incarnations. These ancestors will help you tap into the wisdom of your relationships from those lives. It’s definitely a different pool of knowledge and important one, but don’t go skipping over your current life wisdom in pursuit of this. Our present life is the biggest influence and you want to honor those blood ancestors fully—even if you don’t feel connected to them.

Working with your ancestors will help you heal familial lines, uncover belief systems passed down from generation to generation, and connect to wisdom and knowledge greater than yourself. These are such an important group of guides to connect to!

Have you worked with you ancestors? How do you connect and honor them? What have you learned? I’d love to hear your experience! If you’re wanting to connect to your Spirit Team, I offer sessions specifically for that.  If you’d like to see if it’s a good fit for you, send me a message here.

Last Updated:
April 21, 2024