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"Jessica Paschke is a highly skilled intuitive and a deeply compassionate teacher. I am inspired by her deep driving desire to help others connect with their gifts!" — Kyle Gray, Bestselling Author of Raise Your Vibration and Angel Numbers

Meet Jessica

Jessica Paschke is a Strategic Transformation Coach specializing in integrating deep personal values into both business and personal life. Through her unique DEPTH framework, she guides entrepreneurs and individuals to not only achieve professional success and resilience but also to cultivate an unshakable life powered by soul.  

Jessica is the host of the "Reclaiming Our Spirit" podcast, where she explores the intersection of spirituality and everyday life, and the founder of the "Spiritual Evolution Collective," a membership community dedicated to supporting individuals in their journey towards spiritual and personal evolution. With over a decade of experience, Jessica empowers her clients to build unshakable lives and businesses rooted in authenticity and integrity.

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Set off on a journey of self-discovery with DEPTH transformation coaching, designed to anchor you into an unshakeable life and business through discovering what drives you, what brings you fulfillment and meaning, and identifying where you hold yourself back.

Through the unique DEPTH framework, you navigate life’s challenges with resilience, deepen meaningful connections, and live with purposeful direction.

Transform your life into an expression of your truest self, achieving personal fulfillment, lasting change and creating an unshakable life and business.

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