What is Word of the Year

You know the end of the year is coming soon when you start writing 2022 on things. Yikes! The end of the year always seems to come at warp speed. I think it happens sometime at the end of October. It’s Halloween and then I wake up and it’s the New Year. I always have the best intentions to make space to reflect, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen.

However, this year is different. And it all started with my word of the year.

What is Word of the Year?

Some of you may have attended the free workshop I did on Word of the Year. Basically, it’s my way of making an intention instead of a resolution*.

I use this practice for myself and for my clients. You choose a word of the year that is going to act like your guiding light for your choices, boundaries, expansions, etc. I’ve done this for years—choosing words like courage, trust, confidence. Think of it like a bonus value for the year.  For example, my core values are: Joy, Connection, Belonging, Curiosity, and Empowerment. And they were all really powerful experiences. For 2021, I added in Balance.

As soon as I chose Balance, I knew it was going to be a wild ride. Within days, I started seeing all the ways my life wasn’t in balance at all. You can imagine how lovely that was—Happy New Year, Jessica! Your life is totally out of whack.

I then did what every human being would do—I went in pursuit of Balance.

Initially, I thought this meant that I would have to work very hard to pull things back in alignment (i.e. force). I took a lot of actions and made a lot of decisions trying to achieve it.  However,  I soon realized that it wasn’t working the way I had hoped. Balance was acting like an elusive, rare animal in the woods. You may catch a glimpse of it in the shadows or the brush, but it never really comes out in the open.

A new approach would have to happen. I did not give up on my word, though. It was clear this was something that was absolutely necessary in my soul’s development. So I did what any good intuitive and medium would do, I finally surrendered to Spirit. And here’s what came though:

Balance isn’t something you achieve. It isn’t a permanent state of being or an end goal. It’s a constant check-in to understand what in your life needs adjusting. It’s an ebb and a flow because we are human and that is life.

I wish I could say I had this epiphany before August, but I did not. It took going through something I had no control over to realize that there is no way to force balance into being. It’s a pendulum that swings constantly back and forth—it’s more about not getting stuck at one end or the other.

While the big, foundational changes I made in the first half of the year were 100% necessary, I found that wasn’t always going to be the case. Now, they’re smaller adjustments on a daily basis.  They’re more like checking in with myself and asking how I was doing, how was I feeling.

And all this came from choosing one word. Not 50 cards. Not 20 readings.

One. Word.

I’m so grateful to Balance and what is taught and is still teaching me. I’m more centered and listening to my heart more than ever—trusting that my Spirit Team and my Higher Self have a clearer picture of my road map sometimes than I do.

Because of my own powerful experience, I’m offering a 90 minute-ish (still not great at staying within allotted time frames LOL) live workshop at the end of January. During the workshop, I’ll walk you through your own journey of discovering your word—and chat with you about the ways you can actually make this word your guiding light. I’ll also be including resources to help you continue to explore your word throughout the year.  I’m keeping the cost low because we all just spent all the money on the Holidays—it’s only $44 USD. I’d love to have you join me.

PS Please send me email with any questions you may have. If you know this workshop is a “YES!” then click here and sign up for Word of the Year today. I am going to limit spaces so I can interact more intimately with you all.

PPS YES, the workshop will be recorded if you can’t make it live—and my goal is to make sure you’ll get just as much out of it recorded as you do live because I understand that there are times when we can’t make things live due to, you know, life happening.

*I talk all about resolutions in the Adventures with Spirit January Newsletter. If you’d like to hear more about it, sign up for the podcast newsletter here.

Last Updated:
April 21, 2024