What are Nature Guides?

What are Nature Guides?

Does nature speak to you? Personally, I love being in nature. I feel infinitely more connected when I’m sitting in a garden, hiking a mountain, or swimming in the ocean—and I definitely don’t feel alone.

When you’re out in nature,  you may encounter a very different type of guide that is directly connected to earth—Nature Guides. Nature Guide is a term I use loosely. While I group them under this name, the various guides are definitely different and I wouldn’t dare insult them by thinking they are all the same. This category may include:

  • Elementals
  • Fairies
  • Nature Spirits
  • Devas
  • Gnomes
  • Nymphs
  • Elves
  • Leprechauns
  • Mermaids and more…

Each of these categories is a whole class onto itself, but I didn’t want to neglect these energetic beings because they can show up, if invited.  I have developed my own way of working with them personally, but wouldn’t call myself an expert in this field. However, here are a few bits of information about these beings from my own personal experience. (I’ll leave it to you to do your research and determine how to respectfully honor and connect to them and the places they come from.)

These are powerful beings—keep that in mind as you move forward with them:

  • An Aspect of Nature/Element. Many of these guides take care of the different aspects of nature or are connected  to an element. There are specific beings for plants—and different beings for trees. Water has their own specific guides. When you work with the natural world, you may find yourself coming in contact with them. As soon as I put my hands in the dirt or the sea, I sense a gathering of energy around me. But that energy differs based on the body of water, plant or tree I’m near.
  • Location Specific. For me, nature guides are very location specific. The guides I connected to in Alaska are not the same guides I connect to in North Carolina. This includes an energetic being I refer to as a land guardian. The land guardian in Cape Cod was so different then the land guardian in Alaska. If you’re connecting, don’t be surprised if your guides change based on the place you are at.
  • Culture Specific. How one identifies with a nature guide will differ based on their culture or past experience. Irish Paganism has a very different view/interpretation of their nature guides than Hinduism does. Both have nature based guides/spirits but they are not the same and shouldn’t be treated like they are.

How to Connect

The easiest way, for me, is to get outside in nature and find a quiet spot to reach out. If I’m wanting to connect to a water-based guide, I’ll go to the ocean. If I’m wanting to connect to a tree, I’ll ask permission to sit under one and snuggle close. Once I’m settled in, I'll be really clear with my intention. I’ll ask myself “why”. Why am I connecting? Why this guide? How can I help create a more beautiful place for them? How can I help the land or the culture they are from?

What could you possibly experience when you connect?

  • A flash of light out of the corner of your eye
  • A knowing that they are there
  • An unusual encounter with an insect, bird, or animal
  • A shift in feeling or temperature
  • An appearance in a meditation or dream

Should I connect?

Because Nature Guides vary based on your culture, beliefs and location, there are many different lines of thinking when it comes to connecting. Some people say you shouldn’t connect to them unless you know what you’re doing.  Some will say you need to have the highest respect and knowledge of the culture those beings come from before you call on them. Others will tell you that you are only allowed to connect to the ones located where you live or reside or the ones that belong to your culture. Only you can know where the line of integrity is for yourself. (This is true of any guide you choose to connect with and any intuitive work you do.)

Have you connected with Nature Guides? If so, which ones and what was your experience? I’m always curious to hear about the different ways we each experiencing Spirit.

Last Updated:
April 21, 2024