How do you connect directly to your Spirit Team?

How DO you connect directly to your Spirit Team?

Now that your introductory tour is complete, let’s get down to the next important step—How the heck do you connect with them?? There is no one “right” way, but here are five ideas to play with:

  • Meditation/Soul Journeys Meditation allows you to clear you mind and create space for Spirit to reach out. Soul Journeys are my own approach to guided meditation. Both of these options start with making an intention about who you want to connect to and then doing it over and over to build that connection.
  • Journaling/Automatic Writing I love journaling and often find myself slipping into automatic writing. Here you’re quieting your mind and posing a question. You may find that while you journal your own feelings, things shift and soon you’re writing what you’re getting from spirit. Both are helpful in unpacking what you are receiving.
  • Oracle, Angel or Tarot Cards Cards are great because they give you a visual and act like a key to unlock the guide that is wanting to be explored. I usually meditate first, draw a card about a specific question and hand it over to my Spirit Team. Journaling to uncover the deeper message is key.
  • Dreams Dreams can be a magical way to connect. Simply make an intention to connect to a specific guide before you go to bed. Have a notebook and pen near your bed to jot down what you get, immediately upon waking
  • Signs, Synchronicities, Music, etc. You’re probably familiar with signs—feathers, coins, etc. I know a lot of people will ask their Spirit Team a question and get the answer in the form of the next song that pops up when they turn on music. Or you may find yourself connecting effortlessly as synchronicities pop up and present a path forward.

However you choose to connect to them, the key is to make it a daily practice. Just like in relationships, the more you show up, the more connection you will have with them. Keep a journal about your experiences, so you can figure out how you work and how they communicate with you. Journaling can be so helpful because it gives you a space to go back to and compare notes.

If you’re interested in learning how to dive deeper into connecting to spirit, you may want to get on my waitlist for Creating a Direct Line to Spirit. In this intensive, we cover everything you need to know about creating solid intuitive development foundation and a daily ritual for connection, including how you receive information from spirit and how to manage your intuitive sensitivities.

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Last Updated:
April 21, 2024