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Q & A with Abby Jarrett

Originally Published
January 5, 2021

This Soul Studio Conversations interview features the amazing Abby Jarrett from BellaMambo. Abby is a reader, medium, energy, herbal, and spirit worker, and we talk about what it means to be a bloodline practitioner and the ways she works with her clients, not simply “fulfilling requests” but instead helping them to work through their shadow self and assist in healing trauma to get to where it is they want to be in life.

My story is... interesting, to some because even though I was raised in European magick, I am half African American. And with so many in the world with “mixed” ancestry, we dig deep into that realm to heal and honor all of who we are. The focus of my practice is Universal Oneness and showing how everything is connected. — Abby Jarrett

Learn more about how Abby helps her clients understand what they need to work through to find their truth, and an introduction on how she teaches in her Mambo Academy offerings.

Abby has some great content on her social media channels - check her out here:



And you can find her offerings for classes, products, and subscriptions on her website:


Use the coupon code GATE15 to receive 15% off of website purchase, excluding readings and spiritual work consultations.

Her Patreon community is open to joining the first of every month. You can find information about joining her on Patreon through her website under subscriptions.

Mambo Academy classes are paused so Abby can welcome her babe and restructure some of the offerings - but stay tuned. She plans to open the doors as soon as March, 2021!

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February 6, 2022
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