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The Essence of Mediumship
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Spirit Guide Mastery
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Word of the Year Workshop
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LIVE January 22nd, 2022

Awaken your intuition...

Sooth your soul...

Find your Truth.

Soul Studio gives you a sacred space to help you:  

  • Understand who you are on a soul level and understand your spiritual journey more clearly
  • Find classes that will teach you to work with your gifts and thrive—not just survive them
  • Empower yourself, by teaching you how to connect directly with Spirit—without paying for a reading
  • Expanding your gifts and creating an opportunity for you to practice and integrate in a safe, supported environment.

Soul Studio intensives are meant to be an interactive experience. I’m not teaching to you—I’m sharing my experience with you, as an equal, so you can find your own unique intuitive expression.


Each intensive is tailored to the unique needs of the participants. This means no two Soul Studio courses are the same! Most intensives include:  

  • An interactive, tailored designed learning experience in an intimate, small group setting
  • Pre-recorded videos and soul journeys—learn the material, when it works for you
  • Guidebooks & PDFs to help implement the material
  • Live, weekly Zoom calls with group mentoring and coaching
  • A private Facebook group with Facebook lives (& free readings in some courses)

Having trouble with a meditation? Confused with the homework? Post your questions in the Facebook Group or during live calls and I’ll walk you through it or show you another way forward.

Each course is designed to feel like a one-on-one mentorship experience, but without the hefty price tag!

What makes Soul Studio the perfect path to success?

  • Group Coaching. In large online classes, it can be easy to get “lost in the crowd” and lose momentum. That’s why I limit each class’s numbers— giving you access to me and to help when you need it.
  • Safe, Supported Practice Space. The people who have the most success are the ones who connect daily with Spirit AND have a safe space to practice with like-minded people. That’s why I've included a private Facebook group where you can connect with your classmates, ask questions, and participate in weekly Facebook Lives & journal prompts.
  • Application of Knowledge. Learning isn’t just about consumption—it’s also about application. In each intensive, I don’t just show you how, I give you the space to apply it and experiment with it, so you have the opportunity to integrate the information and make it feel like your own.


Soul Studio

Word of the Year


January 22nd, 2022 at 12:00PM EST

Why limit yourself to a resolution, when you can create an intention that acts as a compass for your Soul for the entire year?

Word of the Year is a 90 minute workshop for intuitive and empathic folks who want to learn how to unlock the magic of focused intention. During this live class, we will dive deep into discovering what you want to create for 2022, using one word as your guide.

Price: $329


Soul Studio

Creating a Direct Line to Spirit

Unlock your intuition and connect directly with Spirit

The next intensive begins Fall, 2021!

In our busy lives, it can be hard to sometimes get moving on our own or remember to make space to connect. In Creating a Direct Line to Spirit, I give you a clear map to follow and help you take the guess work out of intuitive development. You also learn how to thrive as an empath—in a safe space where you can heal, recharge, practice, and learn.

Price: $329
Join the waitlist! This is a small-group intensive; space is limited. If you’re on the waitlist, you get first option to sign up BEFORE the general public.
Soul Studio

Spirit Guide Mastery

Charting A Connection to Your Inner Band Guides

Begin the Journey October of 2023

Are you ready to set off on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and deep-rooted connection?

Welcome to Spirit Guide Mastery – a transformative 7-week live coaching experience, helping you to unlock the Spirit Guide connection you’ve been longing for.

Within each of us lies an innate desire for connection – connection with ourselves, with others, and with Spirit. Spirit Guide Mastery is your gateway to realizing this need and cultivating a supportive relationship with your Spirit Guides, who are here to offer wisdom, guidance, and clarity on your life's journey.

  • Discover your own unique connection with your Spirit Guides

  • Learn how to confidently communicate with them to get messages you trust

  • Receive group coaching to help you with any challenges that may arise, as you navigate this new relationship with Spirit

Price: $329
Some previous intuitive development is suggested. Please email me and we can about if this course is right for you!
Soul Studio

Soul Tarot Mastery


Coming Spring 2024!

Have you always wanted to learn intuitive tarot? Or perhaps you just need to brush the dust off your deck? In the Soul Tarot 101 8-week intensive, you learn a unique way to connect tarot and your intuition—opening up a whole new way to communicate with Spirit.

Price: $329
Join the waitlist! This is a small-group intensive; space is limited. If you’re on the waitlist, you get first option to sign up BEFORE the general public.

COHORTS: Continuing the Journey…

Soul Studio

Soul Tarot Mastery

Get Ready to Meet Your Guides

Coming soon!

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Price: $329
Prerequisite: Creating a Direct Line to Spirit or similar training and experience.

Join the waitlist!
This is a small-group intensive; space is limited. If you’re on the waitlist, you get first option to sign up BEFORE the general public.
Soul Studio

Introduction to Mediumship

Develop Your own personal mediumship connection

Coming soon!

In this beginner class, you learn the basics of mediumship, work in a development circle, and have a safe space for you to practice your newly learned skills. More information coming soon!

Price: $329
Join the waitlist! This is a small-group intensive; space is limited. If you’re on the waitlist, you get first option to sign up BEFORE the general public.


Busy schedule?

I've got you! Many of the classes have material is pre-recorded for you to watch when it works for you. As for the live calls, they are recorded, as well, and posted in the replay section in each course.

I’ve never work in intuitive development before—is a Soul Studio course right for me?

That's ok! You’re in a unique—and perfect—position to learn a lot in a safe space. Because you have no previous experience, you can be open and ready to receive without bringing any blocks or obstacles in with you. If you're unsure if a class is right for you, just send me an email and we can chat.

I already have a lot of intuitive development experience... can a Soul Studio course help me?

Great! I love working with people who have already started their Spiritual Journey. Just like the beginners, I meet you where you are at and we go from there. I’m teaching you exactly what I do for myself and my clients and I fill in any blanks you might have missed along the way.