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Spirit Guide Mastery

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Spirit Guide Mastery

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Spiritual Evolution Collective

Spiritual Compass

A FREE 4-Day Exploration to Reclaim Your Purpose 

Hosted by Jessica Paschke

Coming Again Soon!

Spiritual Compass is a 4-Day exploration for you to reclaim your purpose, so you can reclaim your life.

Go from living your life out of habit to living your life on purpose, by embracing your connection with Spirit & your intuition.

Opens Saturday, January 20th, 2024
Begins Monday, January 22nd, 2024

An antique compass on lava rocks.

A Spiritual Compass will always point you toward True North...

If you’ve been struggling with feeling like you're in-between worlds, wanting to connect more deeply to your inner voice and to Spirit, and wanting to thrive, not just survive, this FREE exploration is for you.

Monday, January 22nd
Day 1: Purpose

Rediscover Your True North.

Have you been feeling lost or unsure of your purpose—or perhaps you’re getting the nudge to reclaim it?

Day 1 is your guiding lantern. We dive into the essence of purpose—it's not merely about what you do, but what resonates with you on a soul level. You’ll also discover:

  • How purpose is a dynamic journey
  • Gain insights into the different facets that make up a purpose-driven life
  • Begin building the heart of your own unique Spiritual Compass  
  • Debunk harmful myths that are keeping you stuck
Tuesday, January 23rd
Day 2: Values

Learn How to Trust Yourself.

Day 2 is all about connecting with your inner self and what really matters. If your purpose is the heart of your compass, values are the mechanics that make it work. Dive into how you can:

  • Align with your soul
  • Have the ultimate back-up tool when you doubt your intuition
  • Figure out what really matters to you
  • Feel confident and trust that you’ve made the right choice
WEDNESDAY, January 24th
Day 3: Intentions

Unleash a Life You Love.

If you've been grappling with turning your dreams into reality, Day 3 is for you, as we explore the power of intentions. While values provide the blueprint for our lives, intentions are the tools that transform that blueprint into a tangible reality. (Spoiler Alert: They are more than hopes or goals!)

On Day 3, you'll:

  • Explore the art of co-creating a life that lights you up
  • Discover how to focus your energy, rather than drain it
  • Get clarity with a powerful visualization tool
  • Weave intentions and actions to get forward momentum
THURSDAY, January 25th
Day 4: Intuition

Unlock Your Inner Oracle.

Sometimes, logic can carry us all the way and sometimes we need a little bit… more. That’s where our intuition comes into play.

Day 4 has you unlocking your inner oracle and tapping into your own intuitive skills for greater mindfulness, self-awareness, and support. You will begin to:

  • Connect with your Spiritual Support Team
  • Create a deeper connection to your Higher Self
  • Discover how your purpose-driven life ripples out into the world
  • Combine the pieces of your Compass and reclaim your Purpose

You will have me personally guiding you throughout the entire 4 days with coaching, meditations, and more. And it's not just going to be just me, either—you'll be surrounded by a powerful private community that will not only support you every day, but keep you accountable (something we all desperately need).

What Does This Workshop Include?

  • 4-days of LIVE calls with coaching, Q and A, meditations, and support from me
  • Pre-recorded Videos dropped every morning
  • Guidebooks to help you work more deeply with the material
  • Access to me and the community in a challenge-exclusive private Facebook group

Meet Your Guide

With over 15 years of experience in the intuitive and mediumship field—and 100’s of clients from all over the globe—Jessica helps people transform their lives, by helping them step more fully into their purpose., teaching them how to trust their inner voice and discover their own path to Spirit. She's even created a podcast, Reclaiming Our Spirit, that dives into a wide array of spiritual topics as a way to support people’s exploration of the spiritual world.


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Word of the Year workshop offers one an opportunity to go on a journey of discovery. It is not just a “pick a word and you are done” kind of thing. It is an entire journey. I left the class with an assortment of tools to allow me to work with my word throughout this year. The class is presented in a thoughtful, fun and interactive manner. Jessica is a teacher who knows how to put students at ease which facilitates learning. I recommend this workshop to everyone.

—Mary B.

Word of the Year workshop was a beautiful blend of meditations, questions, prompts, ideas, pdfs, and interactive sharing in an intimate group that allowed for me to do a deep dive into choosing a theme word for 2022. I never thought that choosing a word would be such an amazing experience! Jessica has the gift of teasing out what is truly meaningful to our own authentic journey, with remarkable skill and artistry.

—Theresa C.

The Word of the Year workshop really took me to a place where I could concentrate on the word that would set the pace for 2022 and what I needed from it. It wasn't about weight loss goals or quitting bad habits - it was so much bigger! I'm already using the tools I learned to intentionally bring my word into my daily life. I'm so happy I took this workshop and look forward to 2023!

—Amber M.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to join?

You just need a pen, paper, and access to Facebook.

Busy Schedule?

No worries! I've actually designed the exploration to be as succinct as possible—no fluff—so everyone can fit it into their schedules. The live videos will turn into replays in the Facebook group, so you can watch when you have the free space and time.

How long will the exploration be everyday?

Each day I drop a short video super early in the morning along with a guidebook to help explore what's in the video. Then at 1PM EST there's a 60 minute live call to dive deeper and get all your questions answered, plus coaching if you've gotten stuck anywhere.

If you can't make the live, just drop your question in the Ask Me Anything (AMA) post mid morning EST. I'll answer it for you on the live.

How much does this 4-day exploration cost?

It’s completely FREE!

Will Jessica actually be working with the group?

YES! She will be in the private Facebook group, answering questions and be LIVE with everyone with coaching, meditations, and answering questions daily.

How long do I have access to this exploration?

The 4-day Spiritual Compass Exploration will open its doors on Saturday, officially begin Monday, and will close its doors 7 days later on Sunday.

I have more questions...

Send Jessica an email at