Where Two World's Meet

I was searching for a true beginner's guide to developing Mediumship abilities and picked up Janet Nohavec's "Where Two Worlds Meet".

If you aren't familiar with my Mediumship sessions, I come from the point of view that believes EVERYONE has the ability to connect.  Because of this belief, I have been trying to find a book that has great practice exercises and explains how Mediumship works for my clients and development students.  "Where Two Worlds Meet" didn't disappoint.

Janet Nohavec is a former Catholic nun who now runs her own Spiritualist Church.  She has had mediumship abilities since she was a child, but didn't always know what they were or how to use them.  "Where Two Worlds Meet" is filled to the brim with easy to follow instructions on what Mediumship is (or is not) and how to improve your Mediumship skills.  Nohavec stays on point with the goal of the book - which is to educate.  She starts with the basics by defining frequently used terms in the field and then progresses into some basic psychic development information and into the Mediumship exercises.  She encourages each reader to be safe and smart and is realistic about the amount of work and effort it will take to get your Mediumship skills up and running. 

"Where Two Worlds Meet" contains a lot of information and can be overwhelming at first.  It's definitely worth the effort though.  For those of you who are more advanced in your Mediumship skills, you may find this book filled with a lot of information or exercises you already know.  I believe that a little more information from a different point of view never hurt anybody and would suggest checking it out from your local library to see if there is anything new in there for you.

I highly recommend this book for anyone starting out. You can learn more about Janet Nohavec, purchase "Where Two Worlds Meet" or get it from your local library.

Last Updated:
April 21, 2024