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A Lesson in Old San Juan

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December 7, 2014

If you have ever taken a class from me the first thing you will hear me say is you have to be grounded, grounded, grounded! The second annoying thing you will hear me say is that you have to have boundaries and filters in your psychic or mediumship work.  If you don't want to be overwhelmed and burnt out, then you must set up boundaries for yourself and be firm about it.  So, you would think that an experienced medium like myself would be perfect with keeping up boundaries and filters...

(Cue Spirit laughing their butts off here)

Well, I got a lesson in boundaries when I was on vacation last month in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  We had been on vacation a few days at this point and I had been very good about clearing and filtering myself, and not tapping into my Mediumship abilities.  After all - I was on vacation!  I was taking time off work and I made it clear to my Spirit Guides that I needed time to relax and just be.  It was all working out well, until we cruised into the port at Old San Juan.

Normally in a new place, I am extra vigilant in boundaries and protection because you just don't know what you might run into.  However, I got a bit lazy in Old San Juan.  You see, we lived there nine years ago and I never really had a problem in the psychic department.  I didn't really encounter anything I couldn't easily filter out.  I had forgotten one really important thing though: nine years ago I wasn't a professional Medium. In fact, nine years ago I would've laughed if you said I was going to be one.  Sure, I connected with my own loved ones, but I hadn't really connected to other people's loved ones on purpose. 

Back to current times, we got off the ship.  My husband gently reminded me that San Juan was a very old city (colonized in 1508 so very old energy) and I should be extra careful on filtering.  My response, "Yeah, yeah, I know. I'll be fine."  Within 10 minutes of being in the city, I knew the game had changed and that my half-put-up filters were not going to be good enough.

Why didn't you just put up better filters or boundaries, you ask? The other problem is - with me anyway - once they see the "light" or "beacon" I put off from my mediumship (kind of like a neon "open" sign) there's no hiding it. They know I can see  and hear them and they usually want to be heard now!

From the feeling of eyes staring at the back of my head, I knew I had picked someone up.  My husband could tell from my expression that I was being followed. "You didn't protect yourself well enough, did you?" I sighed.  No, I did not. Number one lesson I preach and I totally failed it myself.

I turned around and there, in full regalia, was a Spanish soldier—and based on his clothing he was from the 16th century! I had protected myself enough that there was no audio. I stepped to the side of the path and politely informed him I was on vacation and that if I turned on the audio for him then everyone else would come around.  He paused, gave me a look and then continued to follow me.  

The soldier was polite enough, he ceased trying to communicate via audio and just took to following me around the city.  I think he actually ended up acting as a sort of temporary protector.  Maybe that was what he was there for?  Who knows - Spirit acts in funny ways sometimes.  I do know this: the more we walked around, the more crossed over people found me and started to follow.  It felt like a huge weight on my back and it was exhausting.

The soldier was really good at keeping the others at bay (No one approached me—which I firmly believe was the soldier’s doing), so my family and I could finish our wanderings about. We (and by we, I mean my family, the soldier, and dozens of others) got back to our ship and the moment I walked over the water they all fell back and disappeared.  It took me a few uninterrupted moments of no one touching or talking to me (some might say I was a bit cranky too) to clear myself of the experience.  The rest of the trip went well - very nice and quiet.

So why am I writing this story?  Well, a lot of people beat themselves up about not being perfect with their boundaries and filters.  I am here to tell you: no one is perfect!  Even professionals.  We are all constantly learning new things and ways to further our abilities and sometimes we are successful and sometimes not.  And it's ok either way.

I never did turn the audio on for the Spanish soldier—I am still curious about what he would have said, but I know if I had turned on the audio my whole morning would've been taken up by talking to someone from the past.  And as interesting as that would've been, I was on vacation to be in the present.  Present with my husband and present with my daughter.  If my husband had to turn his work phone off, so did I - even if my work phone is a bit different.

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