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August 11, 2016

A Biddy Tarot Guest Blog

Soul Journey

Biddy Tarot [ ] is my go to for anything tarot. I'm honored to have been invited to write a guest post for Biddy Tarot's blog about the unique way I blend mediumship and tarot. Check it out here [ ].

Biddy Tarot is a must for any tarot reader whether you're just starting out or you're an experienced professional.  Brigit takes the "overwhelm" out of learning tarot with her beginner courses and makes tarot approachable and soul enhancing.  She also has a podcast and a fabulous Biddy Tarot Community where you can meet other like minded tarot readers and learn from each other.


Note from Brigit: When Jessica Paschke posted in the Biddy Tarot Community forums about how she used her mediumship in her Tarot readings, I just knew we had to have her as a guest on our blog. Jessica is a beautiful soul and an active contributor inside the Community. In this post, she shares her personal experience of using mediumship with Tarot for a truly profound reading. If you've ever felt a connection with the spirit world, then read on – you may be inspired to develop and integrate your mediumship skills with your Tarot readings. Over to you, Jessica…

At some point in our lives, we’ve all wondered what happens after we die. These thoughts are normal, and tend to occur when a loved one passes away… We long to connect with the Other Side to answer questions like: “What happens after we cross over?” and “Is there even an afterlife?”  What if I told you it’s possible to use the Tarot as a tool to connect to the Other Side?

I am a medium and a tarot reader, and I have learned how to blend the two modalities so I can receive messages from both Spirit Guides and Loved Ones. My mediumship ability helps me access the Other Side and communicate with Spirits through energetic vibration and thought. The tarot gives a beautiful and stunning visual for the clients as we move through their journey. But I didn’t blend my mediumship and tarot initially. It took some experimenting with it to find my own path.

I’ve been a medium since I was a child, but it wasn’t until I was an adult that I truly understood the extent of my gifts. All mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums. A medium doesn’t just connect to psychic and intuitive information that a person’s energetic field contains. A medium acts like a bridge to the Other Side, connecting people to an entity that is separate from that person’s energy field.

Mediumship works differently for everyone. I receive most of my messages through clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience.

Clairaudience allows me to “hear” specific voices or words from the Other Side. These voices can come across as a “real” voice—similar to an actual person speaking to me in the same room—or as a voice in my intuitive mind. The clairaudience gift acts as a psychic telephone. The client asks a question; I hear the response and relay that to them.

Clairvoyance—the gift of “seeing”, allows me to receive images in my “mind’s eye” or my “third eye”. The images can be quick flashes of a person or they can be symbols that represent something the person loved or is trying to express.

Lastly, I rely on clairsentience to “feel” emotions or physical symptoms in my body.  All three of my gifts work together. An example would be if someone passed away from a heart attack. I may “feel” a pressure or heavy weight on my chest. I may “hear” the word heart failure and “see” someone clutching their chest. Another example would be if someone passed away after a long illness. I may “see” a long, winding road, “hear” them say how tired they were, and “feel” the exhaustion in my body.

When blending my mediumship abilities with tarot, I find that two distinct styles of readings occur. One type of reading allows me to connect with a Loved One and relay messages back and forth. When doing this type of reading, I find that the pictures on the tarot card play a huge role in relaying information. Often the pictures will trump the traditional meaning of the cards. I did a reading for a young woman who was in distress.  She wanted a reading to see if things in her life were going to get better. I drew the Queen of Wands as her first card. In my intuitive tarot readings, this card would represent a more traditional meaning—that of warmth or determination. However, with this reading, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the black cat that is on the Radiant Rider Waite version. I felt a spirit and knew this cat had something to do with why this woman was so sad. When I tuned in, I learned that her cat had recently passed and that everyday when she went to work (she was a veterinarian technician) she was reminded of the loss of her cat. The cat came through to let the woman know that he was ok. He told the woman that he understood why she had to help him cross over. The cat didn’t love her any less. It had been the cat’s time and he was very tired of living in a body that wasn’t working anymore. The woman was able to release her guilt. We moved on to other areas of her life using an Intuitive Tarot style, which wouldn’t have been possible without her cat visiting with us first.

The second style of reading that I do with my mediumship tarot is what I call Soul Journey Readings. In this type of reading, I connect with a person’s Spirit Guides to access information like their soul’s lessons, their life purpose, and soul contracts. A client might come to me and say, “My life isn’t moving forward. I’m blocked. I’m repeating the same experience over and over.” I would connect with the Spirit Guides or Guardians for very specific information like understanding the reason behind these lessons and giving action steps to move forward.

Let’s use the Queen of Wands as an example again. The Queen of Wands could tell me about their overarching Soul Lesson that they are currently working on. They are working on understanding the idea of balance–balancing their exuberance for life with the ability to go within. Their guides steered us in the right direction by aiding in the selection of the card. We look at how that lesson has played out in this life and past lives, how they can make this lesson work for them in the present moment, and how it affects their current and past relationships.

With both of these types of sessions, there is no formal layout and only a few cards are drawn. The cards are used as a jumping off point for the session. We may only draw another card when another Loved One comes through or a different Soul Lesson needs to be explored.

So why use Tarot when my mediumship skills stand alone? There are multiple reasons. First, I find that for some of my clients the cards act like a road map for them to follow. Some people really need to see a visual. It helps them to stay focused and understand where the reading is going. Another reason is the act of choosing the cards empowers the client and they feel like they are part of the exploration of their life. Lastly, I find that clients come in wanting to look at one area of their life, but the cards direct us differently—shining a light on an area or relationship that needed more healing than what they initially wanted reading on.

It took a lot of time, effort and practice to understand how my mediumship worked. I can’t imagine keeping my tarot and mediumship gifts separate, though there was a time when I couldn’t imagine combining the two. The two modalities now compliment each other perfectly and allow me to help my clients on a much deeper level. Finding a mentor that you can trust is a great first step in developing your mediumship skills along with reading a variety of books and taking classes.  As for blending it with Tarot my advice is this: For every soul on this planet, there is a unique path to the Divine. Don’t copy what someone else is doing. Look at what your strengths are—your passions—and design your own style of tarot. There isn’t a right or wrong way to do it. You have the freedom to choose how you want to help people.

If you have mediumship abilities, do you blend them with tarot? What approach do you find works for you? How are you following your own unique Tarot path?

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