What to do when life hits the fan

Do you feel like if you just tried harder, your life would be perfect?

This question came to the surface the other day when a friend messaged me.  We hadn’t talked in a while because we both have been really busy. She asked me how things were going and I was honest—things had been really challenging of late. She then exclaimed, “Wow! You’d never know it by looking at your IG!”

That gave me pause—you wouldn’t know all things that were happening in my life, if you just looked at my feed. What you’d see is a new podcast, card readings, spiritual tools, etc., but you wouldn’t necessarily see how I’ve struggled to balance work with homeschooling or how I’ve had to let go of things I love because I could no longer balance them with life. You wouldn’t see the challenges. And there in lies the danger: Social media can be tricky—it can be a great place to be introduced to new things, but it can also create an environment of toxic positivity or toxic perfectionism. What you see on IG or FB is only part of the whole picture of being human.

How many times do you really see someone post the unglamorous side to their life? Usually the posts are highly curated in an attempt to be inspirational. But we as humans don’t always remember that. We often think, “If I just work harder, do more, I too can have the perfect life/practice/body.” I’m here to remind you that “perfect”doesn’t exist.

So what do you do when faced with an imperfect life? What do you do when life blows up in your face?

I’ve always taught from a spirit connected place, but also from my own human experience, as well. (We are both divine and human after all—each meant to be celebrated in their own right?) I’ve decided to make space to chat a little bit about what I do when I’m facing those more human and less “spiritual” moments in life.

In the next post, I’ll bring up ideas and practices that I fall back on when I’ve reached my breaking point. These aren’t the daily things I do—these are the things I do when the daily spiritual routine has gone out the window because life is—well, life is just being life, right?

If you have any specific ideas you want to share about what you do when life hits the fan, please send me email. Questions about what to do in times of heightened stress? Also let me know by sending me an email!

Last Updated:
April 21, 2024