Your Life's Calling: Getting Unstuck And Fulfilling Your Life Lessons

Wondering what new book you should dive into now that the days are getting shorter? What better way to make the use of this down (dark) time than to pick up a copy of Nancy Canning’s Your Life’s Calling: Getting Unstuck and Fulfilling Your Life Lessons.

This book caught my attention when it first came out, but I didn’t find time to read it until this summer. I’m so glad I brought it on the move with me. With big changes in my physical world, I was ready to make big changes on a soul level, as well. It deals with the concept of belief systems and how they affect everything in our lives.

A belief system, according to Canning, “is a thought that you think, feel, believe, and live out as though it is true.” We form these belief systems throughout our lives, but a majority of them are formed before the age of 6. Think about that for a minute. We use these thoughts to make choices everyday — and they were formed before the age of 6. If anyone has a child that is younger than 6 in their house right now, you know how ridiculous that sounds. You would never let your preschooler make decisions about your relationships or your finances, yet, in theory, you are using a belief system from your preschool years to make decisions in your current life. Maybe it’s time to change that?

Canning continues on to explain what these belief systems are, how to identify them in your life, and how to transform them. She also addresses your soul’s perspective on this and has a great resource section in the back to help you with your journey. 

With this book, you essentially get a class-like experience with exercises to work on as you move through each chapter. This book isn’t a sit down and read in one afternoon. It’s something to work on over time, using the information in your day to day life and experiences. 

If you’re interested in affirmation work, creating your life through conscious thinking, or want to make a noticeable change in how you think and approach life, this book is for you.  Your Life's Calling is available online, or pick up a copy from Nancy’s website. She also does some amazing in-person and distance work with past life regressions, life between life regressions, and hypnotherapy work, as well.

Last Updated:
April 21, 2024