Soul Tarot in Real Life: 0 | The Fool

Open doors. So many possibilities. On the precipice of something new. The Fool evokes a sense of adventure and optimism. As they stand on the edge of the cliff, they don’t know what will happen, but they can feel the potential. A new journey is beginning.

Whenever the Fool comes up for me, I know new things are coming my way. Upright or reversed, things are about to change. It’s up to me how I approach that change. Sometimes, I do it with grace or with logic. Other times, I take unnecessary risks, caught up in the motion of change itself. I always have a choice. I can choose to step off the cliff or I can choose to stay where I am, but I’ve always been an adventure seeker and when a cliff is presented to me, I usually jump. 

The Fool and I are close friends. They appear consistently in my readings, but I see them pop up again and again every three to four years. Why? Every 3-4 years, my family and I leave everything we know behind and venture into the unknown. We don’t get to pick where we go or when. It’s a radical exercise in trust. The reason behind the move is my husband’s job. Some of you may ask, well do you have to move? No–I have a choice. He could move and I could stay, but I’ve never been one to let an opportunity for adventure pass me by. 

I will admit though that some moves begin with a little more openness, while others start with a groan and a flash of overwhelm, but they all have one thing in common–possibilities. Each place I go, each new thing I experience is a key brimming with potential. It’s an opportunity to shift, to change all of my surroundings and to see what holds firm and what falls away. Every move is a rebirth–and that rebirth is so much more comfortable if I step into the energy of The Fool. 

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Last Updated:
April 21, 2024