What are Spirit Guides?

Have you ever wished you had a back up team on call to help you with not only your challenges, but your day-to-day life? You do! They're called Spirit Guides—and they are here to help you in so many different ways.

I LOVE working with Spirit Guides, whether it’s connecting for myself or to others' guides in a session. In fact, I love them so much, I’m teaching a class on Spirit Guides for Kyle Gray’s Angel Team this October 2021.

So who are these amazing Spirit Guide beings?

Spirit Guides are the beings that guide you from start to finish and are completely yours (for the most part, but I’ll get to that.) There are so many definitions out there as to what a Spirit Guide is and what they do. Here’s what I’ve experienced:

  • They were once human beings. This is one of the big differences between them and Angels. Angels aren't human for the most part—there are exceptions—but Spirit Guides were once human. They are elevated souls whose job is to help you stay focused on this crazy, whirlwind tour called life.
  • They are assigned only to us. Their sole job is us—kind of like our Guardian Angel. They help us to navigate life—our soul contracts, soul lessons, our purpose, etc. These particular guides start out with us from the very beginning, prior to us being born. They know us well and can be a wealth of information and offer guidance when asked.
  • They help us with the whole being human thing. They are with you in-between lives and are a sounding board prior to reincarnation—helping us to see our patterns and what we are learning/have learned prior to be born. They then continue to help you while you do the whole human experience.
  • There are different types. Many people break down Spirit Guides into specific categories or types. Personally, I think this is because it's easier to understand or grasp what Spirit Guides can do when you separate them out—especially when you're first connecting. You'll hear people refer to their protector guide or their wisdom guide or their teacher guide. (I hold space for people to do this in-depth work in Spirit Guide Mastery). If that helps you understand them better—great! But in all honesty, during 1:1 sessions, Spirit Guides show up as a team, a council, a collective. They're working all together at the same time. Sometimes, I'll see individual guides and sometimes it's like this big energy consciousness that steps forward. If you connect with your guides, just stay open to how they show up. You may get one clear guide or you may get many. There is no "wrong" experience.
  • Things your main Spirit Guides are not. They are not Angels. They are not Crossed-Over Loved Ones or Ancestors—even though all of these energetic beings act in a guide capacity, not all of them are part of your "from birth" Spirit Guide Team. (We will talk more about Crossed-Over Loved Ones later and the role they fill on our Spirit Team.)
  • YES, you have them. No, you don’t have to connect with them. You will have them no matter what, but you don’t have to build a relationship with them. However, something to keep in mind: They can only help us as much as you invite them in. So if you never ask, they won’t invade your space. They’ll just watch and then connect with you when you cross over.

The key thing to remember about this part of your Team is this: Spirit Guides were human at one point, they haven’t been in a human body in a long time, and they act as council and give guidance to us on a daily basis—IF we ask them to.

What is your experience with Spirit Guides? Do you work with yours? I’d love to hear more about how you have connected with them.

If you’d like to connect to them directly, you can book a session with me. It’s like a phone call directly to your Spirit Guides, helping you get clarity and empowering you to make the shifts and changes to tap more deeply into your joy.

Last Updated:
April 21, 2024