What are Angels?

Recently, we talked about the idea of a Spirit Team—a collective of energy that works with you and helps you navigate your human experience—a.k.a. life. I also touched on some of the different energetic beings you could connect with, as you explore and connect to your Team more fully.

Today, I want to jump into Angels and chat a little bit about who these Spirit Helpers are.

Remember: This is a just a brief overview. There is no one size fits all when it comes to any energetic being. Everyone will have a different way to look at it and explain it. These descriptions are just from my experiences with my own personal team and from experiences with my clients' teams. In no way does this cover every possibility out there.

What are Angels?

They are popularly known as these amazing beings with wings, but there is so much more to them. I don’t see them with wings per se—they often appear to me as enormous beings of lights, in all different colors and feelings. There are various different kinds of angels that can make up your team, but two of the more well known types are Guardian Angels and the Archangels.

Guardian Angels act as a protective force and are assigned to us at birth. Their only job is to work with us in this lifetime. They know you and your journey in an intimate way and are a great energetic being to develop a connection to for on-going guidance. These are the beings that can help us feel loved, safe, and protected. They are there every step of the way, guiding and nurturing us. People often describe this incredible feeling of peace and expansive love when connecting to their Guardian Angel. In my experience, they often show up and bring a sense of calm and clarity. If you ever feel lost or alone, call on your Guardian Angel and they will be right next to you, holding and filling you with love.

Archangels are a bit different because they don’t work just with us. This angelic group belongs to the collective, which means they can work with many different people at the same time. This means that while Archangel Michael is helping you, he can also be helping thousands of others. They are extremely powerful energetically—they definitely pack a punch when they arrive. They can help us on our journey, but aren’t here for the same purpose as our Guardian Angel.  This is important to distinguish because typically the Archangels need to be called upon or invited by us and then you begin your work together.  Think of them like subject specific help: Feeling unsafe? Call in Archangel Michael. Needing help speaking your truth? Archangel Gabriel is your angel.  They step forward and offer help when we need it. We could work with them closely for a lifetime or just a day. Each experience will be different. Everyone has a Guardian Angel, whether they call it an angel or a guardian or a protector , but not everyone decides to work with the Archangels.

There are so many more kinds of angels out there, but these two types will be some of the first you encounter when you begin to work with angelic energies.
I’d love to hear your stories—have you encountered an angel before? Do you work with your Guardian Angel or an Archangel?

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Last Updated:
April 21, 2024