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How do your angels speak to you? 

Originally Published
October 5, 2019

Have you ever had an experience where you sent an intention or a prayer to your angels and you received a sign or response almost immediately? 

This morning, while I was connecting to Spirit, I sent a prayer to Mary the Mother of Angels. I’ve had some challenging times being a mother to my young daughter, since we’ve moved. I prayed, “With all my heart, I want to be a better mother, a better nurturer. I want to find solutions to her struggles and be a better guide for my daughter on her journey. I want to be more patient, more supportive and most of all I want to teach her to come from a place of love and not fear. And so it is.” I sent the prayer up without a thought for how it would return or when I would “know” Mary had heard me.

I then reached over to grab my angel notebook and opened to the first page where I found these “love notes” from my daughter. I have no idea when she wrote them or how long they had been there. She clearly snuck into my office at some point and wrote these down.

“I love you ❤️ Do a good job!” and “You are ❤️ (love) itself” 

It took my breath away. There, not 10 seconds after I sent my prayer to the heavens, was my response. It was affirmation, from my own child, that I am teaching her how to come from a place of love and in return she is also teaching me how to love more deeply and more fully than I could ever imagined possible. Even with all the mistakes and missteps I make, she knows love.

I know in my heart Mary guided me to grab this journal—it isn’t one that I use every day. So that brings me to the question, “How do your angels speak to you?” How do they let you know they’ve heard your prayers and are helping you right now already? Share in the comments below…

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September 5, 2021
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