A Light in the Dark

A Light in the Dark. This time of year always holds a special magic for me. Our days get shorter and the light is less. I used to panic about it getting dark, holding on to the last days of summer with all my might, but the last few years living in Alaska have taught me that the dark allows us to see things we would miss in the light. 

This morning I was physically reminded of the magic that happens in the dark. I walk by these windows almost every day and yet, only in the dark, could I step back and see their beauty. The vibrant colors needed to have light from within shine out into the dark morning sky in order to be seen. 

Times may feel dark right now, but it’s this darkness that is an invitation to make sure our inner Light shines so bright that world can’t help but to notice our amazing colors. The darkness grants us the space to stop and see the light where we didn’t before. 

It also reminds us that every single human being on the planet has these vibrant colors. They may not have the tools to figure out how to turn their Light on, yet. For those of us who have figured it out, your job is this: Turn your Light on bright everyday—it’s your responsibility to shine. Choose to see the Light in everyone, everyday and help others who struggle to look up and see the Light in others and in themselves. 

If you’re wanting to work further with the Angelic Realms, Archangel Ariel is great for this. She is traditionally known as the angel who works with animals, but more recently has become known as a fierce peaceful warrior. Call on her to tap into your own peaceful warrior and to assist you in seeing and spreading the light where ever you go.

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Last Updated:
April 21, 2024