Room By Room: A Soul Tarot Layout

How To Use Your Home To Understand Your Blocks & Successes

Spring Energy Clearing Series

I’ve been going back and forth with what I wanted to do for an oracle or tarot layout for the Spring Energy Clearing Series. I’ve focused a lot on the “space” or “environment” part of clearing, but haven’t given much attention to figuring out what needs to be cleared from the energetic side of life.  This layout is all about discovery and digging deeper. It’s about finding what needs to shift and what is working for you.

Each room in your house represents or is connected to a part of your life. For example, your bedroom represents your inner self. Your bathroom symbolizes what you need to release, etc. I thought it would be fun to arrange a tarot layout that would allow you to identify, room by room, what is going on in your life. In addition to pulling cards, you could then clear the rooms where the energy surrounded that life area needs work. So, let’s say you pull a card that reflects that you have a block on abundance. You could then work on clearing and de-cluttering your kitchen to help remove that block.

Honestly, I think this will totally motivate me to de-clutter,  if I can see what area it’s affecting directly.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t have all the rooms in your house that are listed. You can still pull cards to learn more about yourself or you can mix and match which categories you want. Tailor it to your needs at this moment. You could also draw a Spirit Advice Card for categories that come up with a need for help or improvement or re-focusing. I've done a sample reading below for a client. In the Spirit Advice sections, I chose to channel information rather than pulling another card. You do you. Pull a card. Channel. Do nothing. It works either way!

  1. Front Entry: How You Present Yourself to the World
  2. Bedroom: Your Inner Self, Who You Really are Beneath the Exterior
  3. Living Room: How you Connect to People & Your Community
  4. Dining Room: What Nourishes You
  5. Kitchen: Current Energy Surrounding Your Prosperity and Abundance
  6. Bath: What You Need to Release
  7. Office: Current Energy Surrounding Your Expression of Dreams/Creativity
  8. Basement: Desires You are Hiding
  9. Attic: Things Hanging Over Your Head or Lessons Just Out of Reach
  10. Bonus Question: What Spiritual Growth or Lessons Does My Home Offer Me?(I’d encourage those who don’t like the current home they are in or are facing challenges with their current home to do this question. Spirit is always teaching us—pull a card to see more about the “why”)


Sample Reading:

  1. Front Entry: How You Present Yourself to the World: 3 of Earth You're working on establishing your roots and building a strong foundation, by working on developing new work skills and going to school. People see you as hard working—someone who is dedicated to making something more of their life. Someone who is striving to work with her family to create a better tomorrow. Spirit Advice: Keep working. I know you feel like you are sometimes wearing someone else’s clothes or feel like a fish out of water with those around you, but you are smart and you really do belong in school right now. You’re on the right path. Follow your heart and keep moving forward!
  2. Bedroom: Your Inner Self, Who You Really are Beneath the Exterior: King of Earth You’re generous with your time and love and you enjoy a good adventure! Don’t forget to find opportunities to express those sides of yourself now and again. Yes, you carry a lot of responsibility in your life for those around you, but you also need to stop and enjoy all of what your hard work has earned you.
  3. Living Room: How you Connect to People & Your Community: 8 of Air All your life people have told you that you couldn’t do it. Couldn’t be successful. Couldn’t be smart. Couldn’t be. Now is the time to shrug those opinions off and get clarity. You can do it. You are doing it. How does this affect your ability to connect to those around you? You have a tendency to suspect that even though someone says they support you, they really don’t. Spirit Advice: Deep clean your life. Get rid of those who are still not supporting you. Toss them out the door. This will create the space for you to welcome the perfect kinds of people in your life: People who believe in you. You can help shift this old energy pattern in your life by de-cluttering your living room and giving it a good deep clean and smudge. While you are doing this, make sure you are also visualizing the unsupportive people in your life fading away.
  4. Dining Room: What Nourishes You: Messenger of Fire Adventure and creating new ways to do and look at things is what nourishes you. A little excitement and a new experience will do you a world of good, when it comes to finding the energy to keep moving forward in life. Taking time everyday to stoke the “fire” will help you stay grounded in all that you do.
  5. Kitchen: Current Energy Surrounding Your Prosperity and Abundance” 7 of Air Being able to be independent financially is key to your abundance and prosperity. It’s about living life the way you want—not they way that other’s want you to. Shake off the shackles of the past, by finally living the life you desire. This area would be a great place to look for further belief systems that you could release in order to support your independence and discover what life looks like for you.
  6. Bath: What You Need to Release: Queen of Fire In order to function most of your life, you’ve compartmentalized your life, keeping it separate and in pieces. This organization has helped you function and effectively ignore things that you aren’t able to deal with in that moment. You need to release the wall and those compartments that you’ve built. It keeps you separate from the rest of the world. Your fierce and independent nature is a great survival tool, but when you stay in that mode that’s all you’re doing—surviving, not thriving. How do you thrive and let those walls down? You need to incorporate more passion in your life. Past life events have tipped you toward the cynical side. Slap on your Rose Colored Glasses and learn to fall in love with the world all over again. Spirit note: Find things that stir up passion in you—art, music, movies, books. Whatever gets that fire moving!
  7. Office: Current Energy Surrounding Your Expression of Dreams/Creativity: 4 of Air You need a break! Taking time to relax and rest is going to feed your ability to be creative and bring your dreams to life. Think about taking a vacation from school for a bit. When you come back you’ll have a well of energy to tap into.
  8. Basement: Desires You are Hiding or Suppressing: Hermit You desperately need some alone time, though you don’t want to admit it for fear of showing weakness. You’d like nothing better than to be alone with your thoughts. Take the hint. Go find some time to be alone with your thoughts. Leave the school work, the kids, the chores and just get out. Letting your mind wander and let it relax will clear and re-energize you.
  9. Attic: Things Hanging Over Your Head or Lessons Just Out of Reach: 7 of Fire You have always been unique and have never conformed to society norms. Why start now? Don’t do things like they’ve always been done. You have immersed yourself into a section of the world that prides itself on conforming to the norm. That's great--for some people. Don’t fall in with that just because it’s easier. Rise to the challenge and shine your bright, freaky flag. Create your own plan—one that supports your uniqueness.
  10. Bonus Question: What Spiritual Growth or Lessons Does My Home Offer Me?: 7 of Earth You’re at a crossroads in your life and your house reflects this. Your house is giving you a glimpse of the “Traditional American Dream”. The backyard, the baths, the bedrooms, the kitchen. It all represents what people traditionally want in a home. Your house is posing the this question to you: Do you want the traditional dream or do you need something different? It’s like trying on a shoe for size—your home is letting you try on the traditional dream, so you can see how it feels. If it doesn’t fit, you can always switch to something else that appeals to you more the next time you move. And if you love it? Well, now you know what you want! :)

The Deck used was the Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid, published by Hay House.

Last Updated:
April 21, 2024