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Enhancing Your Relationship With Soul Tarot

Originally Published
February 13, 2017

Valentine’s Day always bring a wealth of articles about how to attract your soulmate or find true love. Find love if you do this—find love if you do that. While well meaning, they fail to mention what to do with this love once you have found it. How do you make that love grow? How do you make it deeper and more rich? How can you support each other in the relationship?

This Valentine’s Day, I decided I would help remedy that. I’m not a love guru and I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I decided to work up a relationship tarot/oracle spread so that you can gain more insight on how you can move forward with your partner on your individual paths.

You can do this on your own(with the other person’s permission), but I feel like you get the most out of it if your partner participates, too. Create a quiet and clear space and calm your mind before you begin.

The idea of this reading is to look at the relationship like a journey you are taking, even though you both have individual paths you are following in this life. We want to see how you can combine these two paths, so that they compliment each other and allow you to both flourish and grow. We don’t want one path to get lost or pushed down by the other. We want them to be equals.

We start out by looking at each individual’s current energy and the current energy of the relationship(where it stands now). Moving on from there we look at what challenges may come up,  at the individual paths and then the joint path. Then we consult for soul advice for each. We end with joint soul advice. You can use oracle cards or tarot, but I prefer tarot or a blend of the two because it can focus on some of the more intricate details.

This reading is meant to be done together or with the other person’s full permission. Please be responsible and do not do this reading, if you don’t have permission of the other person involved. Thank you! 

Card 1: You (Knight of Pentacles Reversed)
Card 2: The Other Person in regards to you(Three of Wands)
Card 3: Your Current Relationship Together(The Devil Reversed)
Card 4 &5: Challenges (Five of Pentacles Reversed & Hermit)
Card 6: Path for You (6 of Wands Reversed)
Card 7: Path for the Other Person that is Affecting You(5 of Cups)
Card 8: Your Joint Path (Two of Swords)
Card 9: Soul Advice for You (8 of Pentacles)
Card 10: Soul Advice for How You Can Support the Other Person (8 of Cups)
Card 11: Joint Soul Advice for You As a Couple(Five of Wands)

Briefly this readings tells us that currently Partner One is feeling stuck in their life—like they lost momentum. Partner Two is currently is quite established in what they are doing and really at this point are only enhancing their current state by adding things to it.  It’s interesting then that the Current Relationship is represented by the Devil Reversed. In this case, the card is showing us both sides on how it relates to each partner: one feels chained and stuck with their circumstances, while the other has tossed off the shackles and is more free to do what they want. This could be key for this particular couple in understanding where their conflicts arise. Perhaps one has no idea the other is feeling that way.

Their challenges are thus: Partner one is in a state of feeling deprived and lacking. They are having trouble getting over the fact that their world has tumbled down around them. Partner two is struggling with the feeling that they are alone on this journey(perhaps due to their partners inability to thrive).

Looking at their paths forward: Partner One is trying to fake being happy for the sake of their partner, but that’s clearly not working for them. They need to turn the card upright and start finding success in what they do. Partner two struggles with loss and sadness from the past, even though they are successful now. It’s interesting how both partners are learning about the ideas of loss and success at the same time from different viewpoints. This is huge—they are working on a joint soul lesson. By seeing different sides of the same coin, they help each other see a more full view point on what they are experiencing. The Joint path forward for them is Two of Swords. they need to start fully experiencing these emotions together rather than trying to block or hide them from each other.

Soul Advice: Partner one needs to make a change in life and work on learning something new that would help them feel fulfilled. Partner Two needs to start looking within—instead of outward to work—to find fulfillment. Perhaps it’s stretching themselves less thin at work—not pursuing all of those work leads—and turning towards home and time with themselves or their partner. The idea here is that they are disappointed with their love life, but by turning away from work and towards home, they can find happiness. The Joint Advice tells us that conflict is coming. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Both partners need to deal with their emotions and the different ways they approach life. If they can lay all this out on the table, they can grow and move forward together.

So how does this reading help this couple? Well, it tells them they have more in common right now than they first thought. They are both dealing with disappointments and are discontent with where they are. They both need to walk away from what is holding them back and they need to express what they are feeling to the other. In one way or the other, they both feel stuck and are struggling with the ideas of success and failure. If they can understand this about each other, they can help each other and support the other on their path to get “unstuck”. 

Relationship readings aren’t always candy and roses. Sometimes you need to look at the uncomfortable stuff. This is what will really help you move forward together. Don’t get nervous if “darker” stuff comes up. You asked what would help you grow and Spirit is showing you the way. Take a step back and don’t panic. Look at it like the wonderful Soul Advice that it is. Things will only get better when both of the people in the relationship can relate and have empathy for the other!

The Deck used above is called The Ceccoli Tarot.

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