Reclaiming Healing Your Ancestral Lineage with Abby Rose

You deserve to create the life you want and need.  But in order to create it, you need a little help from not only your people here on Earth but your Spirit team as well.  The first Spirit team you should gather: your ancestors! From breaking generational curses to getting assistance from that aunt who can throw down when needed, you need them and they need you.  

In this episode, I am speaking to Abby Rose aka Bella Mambo who is a hereditary practitioner that teaches people how to not only find their divinity but also how to connect with their ancestors!  

Join me in this discussion as we speak about:

  • Practicing Family
  • Numerology
  • Ancestors
  • African Traditional Religion (ATR)
  • Healing
  • Altar
  • Veneration
  • Shadow Work
  • Shien
  • Twilight Saga

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The Main Question of the Episode

"What do you want your energetic imprint to be that's going to leave a mark for people that come into contact with you? What do you need to bridge that gap between who you are now and who it is you want to be?"

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This podcast is hosted by Jessica Paschke. Jessica believes life is a journey that is constantly in motion and changing—ever evolving. A journey of learning, understanding, and transformation, in which we have the power to heal and to create more joy for ourselves and those around us.

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Last Updated:
May 22, 2024