Reclaiming a Purpose-Driven Life with Bethany Hawkins

You are that person that everyone seeks to make them feel better.  You are the "go-to" person at your job.  You are the person who deemed the "strong one" by all of your family members.  You are magnetic because of the light you shine.  However, being the joyful one can be taxing and when you are working on and in your purpose, you need to set many boundaries.  

In this episode, I am speaking to Bethany Hawkins, an award winning podcast producer who's mission is to help women of color and true allies of women of color find their voices through podcasting.

Join me in this discussion as we speak about:

  • Burnout
  • Purpose Driven
  • Limited Beliefs
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Values
  • Work Life Balance
  • Clarity

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The Main Question of the Episode

"What are your three core values?"

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May 21, 2024