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Spiritual & Intuitive Development

What are Angels? They are popularly known as these amazing beings with wings, but there is so much more to them. There are various different kinds of angels that can make up your team, but two of the more well known types are Guardian Angels and the Archangels.

Intuitive Tips

One of the most frequent requests I get during intuitive readings is: Who is on my Spirit Team? People want to know the energetic beings that are supporting them.

Intuitive Tips

If you have ever taken a class from me the first thing you will hear me say is you have to be grounded, grounded, grounded! The second annoying thing you will hear me say is that you have to have boundaries and filters in your psychic or mediumship work. If you don't want to be overwhelmed and burnt out, then you must set up boundaries for yourself and be firm about it. So, you would think that an experienced medium like myself would be perfect with keeping up boundaries and filters...


This Soul Studio Conversations interview features the amazing and gifted Adreanna Limbach as we have a wonderfully light-hearted session discussing her book Tea and Cake with Demons: A Buddhist’s Guide to Feeling Worthy [Sounds True, 2019]. Adreanna is a meditation instructor, personal development coach, and author, and in this conversation there were so many nuggets of wisdom and relatable real-life experiences that we could all identify with.


This Soul Studio Conversations interview features the inspirational Akilah Shani to discuss the fascinating process of channeling her forthcoming Omni Deck! Akilah is a self proclaimed “baby spiritualist” who began intentionally sharing her gift of divination and mediumship with others in late 2017.


Jessica's Notebook

A series of blog posts that covers various metaphysical and intuitive topics with a focus on education, enlightenment, and understanding.


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