What is the energy of The High Priestess

The High Priestess is an interesting card/energy for me. When it shows up, it’s really a call to listen to my intuition and tap into my inner wisdom. I think I have always known I’ve had intuition–even when I was younger and didn’t have a word for it. I also knew that when I ignored those nudges, things went sideways fast. And of course, this energy definitely showed up for me again when I started taking psychic development courses and worked on developing my mediumship skills. However, it really wasn’t until much later that I started to truly understand the messages of the High Priestess in my life and learned how to work with my intuition–not just listen to it.  It was the act of intentionally using, listening to and trusting my intuition that opened the door for me. It also happened to coincide with when I started to trust myself.

Why is it so hard to trust ourselves?  We will go to a reader and get a reading and trust this stranger implicity, but we can’t trust ourselves. It’s so bizarre–and it’s so common. For me, I think it was a combination of a few things. I had been gaslit in a previous relationship in my early 20s and my distrust of self really blossomed there. I also think that as an untrained empath, I was picking up everyone else’s stuff and not really sure what was mine and what was theirs. I didn’t know what emotions and sensations to trust. I was also operating under the misunderstanding that wisdom was something that was outside of me–and to access that deep inner wisdom, I needed to connect with all the energetic beings, angels, guides, etc. While they were definitely helpful, they were also a lovely distraction to the truth that I held infinite amounts of wisdom and knowledge within, as well.

I remember when things shifted...

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Last Updated:
April 20, 2024