Power of Saying No: A Holiday Survival Tip

The Holidays can be so much more fun when we say yes to things that resonate with us and no to things that don't--without feeling guilty! When we say no, we avoid burnout and that cranky feeling that comes with being depleted. 

How do you know what to say no to? I've got a short intuitive exercise that uses your body as a divination tool that will help with determining whether or not you should say no:

Take a moment and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and relax into the chair or bed you're currently resting on. Feel all the stress and strain drain away into the ground. Now pick one activity--just one--that you've been invited to. When you think about this activity, how does your body feel? Is it light and relaxed? Or does it feel heavy like rocks in your stomach or does your neck or shoulders suddenly tighten up and clench? The more tension you feel in your body, the more the need to say no is important. Take another deep breath and release any sensations in your body. Say a quick thank you to your body and to Spirit for helping you to stay in balance. When you open your eyes, honor the messages you received and say no thank you to the events that don't resonate.

You can use this for any activity or choice that presents itself this Holiday Season.

Last Updated:
April 21, 2024