Mother & Daughter Full Moon Readings

The Mystical Shaman Oracle and The Children’s Spirit Animal Deck

My daughter and I did our full moon readings today because we had a moment to stop and reflect. 

Doing these readings with a 7 year old is super enlightening. It was so funny to listen to her talk to herself about the cards she drew: “I get the Unicorn. Who doesn’t want to use their imagination, but I’m not sure I get the Fox...does this mean I have to help YOU more but not tell you?” 

Her mind was thinking of having to do more chores I’m sure—but she reflects something that I sometimes fail to recognize when I’m doing readings for myself: We’re not always going to be thrilled with or understand the cards we draw. And that’s okay. 

She walked away a little meh from it, but even though she’s not super excited about it, she’s shifted her perception and is THINKING about it. Sometimes, all we can take away from a reading is just the act of pondering new information. It may not make sense. We may not want to hear it. But it’s got us thinking. And that’s where the magic lies!

Last Updated:
April 21, 2024