Let Your Lovelight Shine: A Soul Tarot Layout

Valentine’s Day rolls around and people everywhere get relationship questions on the brain: Will I ever find the one? Will my marriage last forever? Will this current relationship work out? What can I do/say/think to find the one?

These are big questions. Of course we want to know if we will find love, but the real question being asked is, “Am I lovable? Am I worthy?”

The answers to these questions cannot be found in our external circumstances--i.e. someone else or in a relationship. The answers lie within us and our personal connection to Spirit. You won’t find a fulfilling relationship until you learn to see your own worth and love yourself.

By stepping outside of your current desire or want for a relationship, you allow yourself to see the big picture. You allow yourself to truly see and love who you are as a person and build a relationship on that foundation.

Then your light will shine bright for all to see. It’s like a lighthouse, do you want to put a half dim, used bulb in to guide ships to you? Or do you want a bright, strong light to attract those ships? It’s really about focusing on our own personal light, so that we attract the kind of partners who would truly compliment us. If you use the old, dim bulb, you’ll attract the kind of relationships you’ve had in the past that perhaps didn’t work out so great.

So, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’ve worked up a Soul Tarot spread to help you connect to your own inner worthiness and self love. You can also use Angel Cards or Oracle Cards--whatever works for you!

Let Your LoveLight Shine

We’re going to keep it simple—too many cards can be confusing and misleading.

#1 How can I step into my worthiness more fully?
#2 How can I connect more deeply with Spirit to fully understand Self-Love?
#3 What do I need to remember to make my LoveLight shine as bright as can be?
#4 What do I need to remember as I move forward and look for/develop a relationship that is fulfilling on all levels?

 A friend graciously volunteered for a reading, using The Golden Tarot of Klimt Deck. We dove into what creates a solid foundation for her to move forward into a relationship that she thrives in. Here’s what came up for her:
#1 Nine of Pentacles
#2 The Emperor
#3 The Moon Reversed
#4 Seven of Wands Reversed

For her, stepping into her worthiness more fully means that she needs to trust herself more. The more she questions her ability to do things, the more worthiness slips away. She is completely self-sufficient and has what it takes to navigate her journey. The more she opens up to that, the more easily she will see her inherent worth and value.

Although she has everything inside her that she needs to fully step into her worthiness, it doesn’t mean she has to do it on her own. For her, the answer to how she can connect more deeply with Spirit to understand love, is by connecting to Spirit in general. The Emperor is all about authority and the aid that authority brings with it. If she takes the time to stop and ask for advice and help from Spirit, she will receive. Spirit is true, unconditional love. By receiving this loving help, she will then be able to see the love within herself.

How can she shine her brightest? Don’t let external circumstances dictate her internal state. If she lets everything happening around her control her, she will never be able to shine her brightest. She has to trust that if things aren’t working out, there is a higher power working behind the scenes to get her where she needs to be. When she can trust that her external circumstances are an illusion and that the best is yet to come, she will be able to connect more deeply and shine more brightly, even in the darkest of times.

Tapping into her own personal wisdom and having a really firm idea about who she is and what she believes, will help her immensely when looking for or developing a relationship that is fulfilling. She needs to hold firm to what she believes to be the most important things, not only in a relationship, but in herself.

Yes, all relationships requires comprise on some level. The key for her is to not compromise who she is at her core. By standing firm and believing in herself, trusting Spirit to have her back, and not let the current external circumstances dictate her internal experience, she will be able to easily see what is important to hold on to and what can be let go. Not losing herself or sacrificing herself in the relationship to keep harmony is the most important thing to finding a successful relationship that inspires the growth of both souls involved.

Homework assignment: Do something on Valentine's Day to show yourself that you love yourself. Maybe it's as simple as buying yourself flowers or taking a bath. It doesn't have to be complex. Just let yourself know that you are loved!

I'd love to hear how your readings turned out! Feel free to post your own readings in the comments. If you'd like, I'll take a look at them and see if I can add another layer to them--just let me know when you post.

The Golden Tarot of Klimt by Lo Scarabeo, published by Llewellyn Publications, 2005.

Last Updated:
April 21, 2024