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Claircognizance is the gift of knowing. Knowing can be a harder gift to discern, but typically it's like getting a download—where you just know something all at once, but you aren't exactly sure how you know.

Sometimes, it can come across as what we call "imagination", as well. It's when you just "know" and you know you "know", but you can't explain "how" you know. I often find that this gift works in tandem with one of the other clairs—meaning, you'll get a knowing and another clair will fill in any "blanks" or support what you just received.

Remember this is just a launching-off point. Gifts express themselves in many different ways. The best way is to find a safe space to practice your intuitive skills and see how they unfold for you.

In order to hear your Spirit Team, you need to learn how to hear your own voice first.

Insiders Tip #1: Know Your language...

I'll be honest: When we first start to connect to Spirit, it can be overwhelming. That's why knowing what "language" you speak can help you get more clarity from the very beginning. Here are three things that will help you figure out your soul language:

  • 🌟  Take time to sit in nature. Nature has incredible source material! After you've settled in, focus in on how you are taking in your surroundings. Are you listening to the sounds? Are you noticing the colors of the plants around you? Are you feeling the energy of the tree next to you? These can be "hints" to how you receive.
  • 🌟  Don't try to be something you aren't. If you don't "see", don't go into every guided meditation trying to force yourself to see images. If you know you are a feeler, remind yourself that feelings are intuitive messages. Then ask yourself, "How does this guided meditation make me feel?" Or if you are a knower, "What do I know to be true in this moment?" Embrace how you do things rather than how you wish you did things.
  • 🌟  Don't judge yourself. It's ok to not know. It's ok to not "get" anything. You aren't broken—and you don't need to be fixed. Don't judge how things unfold. Instead, try to create different opportunities  to play with your gifts. If you're getting stuck with guided meditation, grab a deck of cards and work with those for a while. Are you getting stuck on the cards? Turn on some music and do a body scan. Not every tool will work for everybody, everytime. Don't judge. Stay curious and have fun!

action Step: Listen & Learn

Adventures with Spirit Podcast

The Adventures with Spirit Podcast is full of amazing information and tools to help you on your intuitive journey.

In episode two, my co-host Andrea and I chat about how to strengthen your intuitive and psychic abilities. We cover things like clairs, grounding, and how to do an energy scan.

If you're interested on working on your intuitive gifts—this episode is for you!

Are you ready to start working with your gifts?

Insiders Tip#2: Listen to your own soul first

It can be so tempting to look to the external, when you first start working with your intuition. However, your power lies inside of you—with your own inner voice. Here are a few ideas to remember as you being to connect with Spirit:

  • 🌟  You are in control of you. This means that while Spirit may offer helpful advice, in the end it's your choice. They will never "make" you do anything. Take the advice like you would of a trusted friend and then tune into your own soul perspective.
  • 🌟  Your body is a super power, not to be ignored. Check into your body—you have one for a reason. Then ask, "How does this feel?" If you feel light and supported, it's probably a good sign to move forward. If you feel heavy like there are rocks filling you up, then maybe tune back in to see what needs adjusting.

action Step: Discover Your Inner Voice

Soul Tarot in Real Life

Soul Tarot in Real Life is a FREE series exploring the 22 Major Arcana energies of Rider Waite-based tarot, using Spirit and your Soul as your guide.

The goal for Soul Tarot in Real Life is to make the tarot accessible, by connecting each Major Arcana card to your own personal experience. By tapping into your own inner voice and wisdom, the tarot comes alive in ways it never has before. Your everyday experiences matter, and once you begin to connect the tarot to your own personal story, you are able to use it as a tool for empowerment and deep spiritual connection—that's why it's called Soul Tarot.

From The Fool to The World, join this FREE journey through Soul Tarot in Real Life today and begin to unlock your own unique connection to the tarot, Spirit, and your Inner Voice!

Are you ready to go further?

Tip#3 - You don't have to go it alone

I love books as much as the next person. In fact, the pile of books by my bedside is a testament to how powerful that type of learning can be. However, you don't have to go it alone. Having a safe, sacred space to practice your intuitive abilities can be just the thing you need to launch your gifts.

This is why I created the Soul Studio.

action Step: Dive Deeper

Soul Studio

In the beginning, as I worked on developing my own gifts, I realized that I didn't necessarily need another book—I needed a place to practice what I'd been learning with a group of people I trusted. I needed someone to see me as the unique individual I was and help guide me toward the path the made the most sense for me. All of my classes are designed to meet you where you are at, while giving you loving nudges to expand and explore your soul and Spirit.

🌟  Want to connect with your Spirit Guides and go deep into your Soul's landscape? Spirit Guide Mastery is for you!

🌟  Love working with oracle or tarot cards? Or just plain tarot curious? Soul Tarot 101 will be just what you are looking for.

🌟  Want to strengthen your intuitive foundations, develop a daily ritual, balance your empathic gifts, or strengthen your clairs? Creating a Direct Line to Spirit will help take you to the next level with your gifts.

Why Work with me?

I simplify the process. There is so much information out there about being an empath that it can be overwhelming.  I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you, curating and creating content in a way that is easier to understand and even easier to apply.

There is no “one size fits all.” From 1:1 sessions to intimate small group coaching experiences helps to design a path to connection that works for you. I’m guiding you every step of the way, getting you past challenges that may have stopped you in your tracks before.

Empower yourself. When you learn how to use your empathic gifts, you unlock your ability to create a life where you not only survive but you thrive—giving you a clearer perspective on your journey.

Live Your Joy. Developing your empathic abilities helps you to access your joy more easily and freely—plus we all need more laughter! To truly make lasting change you need to enjoy this journey, and laughter and having fun is a key component to that.

Learn More ABout My Story