Things They Don’t Tell you About Spiritual Awakening: What I Wish I Would’ve Known

Not too long ago, I found myself reflecting on what I wish I had known when my spiritual journey began. 

The catalyst for this reflection was a podcast appearance on my friend Caz's show, Sacred Origins. It's a podcast centered around exploring the origin stories of guests and the spiritual paths that led them to where they are today. I couldn't help but think – who doesn't love a good story??

But it's not just about stories. Caz is interested in those pivotal moments, the ones that set you on a journey of spiritual awakening. I personally believe that everyone's spiritual journey is deeply rooted in their personal experiences. No two paths are identical–and this really hit home during my conversation with Caz. My beliefs and practices are intimately tied to my own sacred origin story, influencing not only how I navigate life but also how I guide others to create a direct connection with Spirit.

This reflection led me to compile a list of things I wish I had known when I first embarked on this whole “thing”:

  • The spiritual path isn't solely found in books. While books are invaluable resources (I’m a book hoarder), it's essential to put all that glorious information into practice–otherwise you’re not going to really evolve and change. You’ll just know more. Also, don’t give your power away to the author. Books often reflect the author's perspective, and  it may or may not line up with what you’ve experienced. it's okay to search for what aligns with your unique journey. Don’t be a “Cinderella Stepsister” and try to jam on a shoe that just won’t fit. Go looking for a different one. 
  • There's no singular "right" way in the world of intuition and spirituality. The spiritual realm is vast and diverse, with various techniques, tools, and approaches. Some techniques, tools, and ways of moving through the world will resonate with you. Some will not. Take what hits home and dump the rest.
  • Community is vital. When you're just starting, you'll want to share your experiences with like-minded individuals. As you gain experience, the desire for a supportive community only grows stronger. Seek a group, whether online or in person, that offers a safe, trustworthy space for exploration
  • You’ll discover peace–but you’ll also find sacred anger. You can’t dive into the path of remembering who you are without running into anger. Sacred anger shows up when you’re reflecting on the past, looking around you in the present, or trying to co-create the future. You are not less spiritual when you are angry. It means you’re waking up and you’re seeing things in a new light. Anger often serves as a catalyst for change. In order to evolve, there needs to be something that pushes you out of your comfort zone enough that you decide to move through the world in a different way.
  • Your spiritual development isn't isolated from collective change. As you evolve spiritually, you'll become more aware of the world's challenges. Some people will answer the call and work towards positive change, while others might attempt to spiritually bypass these issues. However, ignoring problems won't make them disappear. It's better to start the conversation early and decide how you want to weave your threads into the Collective tapestry.
  • Running into individuals who might not live up to their "spiritual guru" status. Call it spiritual discernment or just trusting your gut – if something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. No matter how popular someone may be or how “right” they claim their path to be, their teachings should align with your values. If they don’t, cut them loose and keep looking.

There have been a lot of unexpected twists and turns, as I navigate life through a spiritual lens, but I've also gained valuable insights about myself and the world around me.

While there's no one-size-fits-all manual for any of this, one thing is certain – you don't have to go it alone. Find  your community and support system. Reach out to those who have walked a similar path–people who can share wisdom.

If you'd like to dive deeper into my sacred origin story, you can find it here.

I'd love to hear about your sacred origin story too. Feel free to send me an email here and share – what's the one thing you've learned that you wish you had known when you first began your spiritual journey?

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Last Updated:
April 20, 2024