What are Ascended Masters?

Originally Published
August 2, 2021

Need really specific guidance? Working on an issue where you could use a mentor or teacher? You may want to connect to an Ascended Master.

Like Archangels, these teachers carry a big energy with them. You know when they’re in the room! But who are they? Once again, these are beings that you invite to work with you—they don't necessarily just show up. They work with the collective, which means they are working with many, many people at once.

Here's a short list of characteristics to help you identify who these beings are. Ascended Masters:

  • Were once human or incarnated into a body. They are enlightened energetic beings who have ascended beyond the human realm and no longer incarnate.
  • Help us on our own path to more fully remembering who we are. They act as guides and educators sharing their wisdom with us and other dimensions, so we can grow and expand. They hold ancient wisdom and share it with us, if we invite them to work with us.
  • They are from all different paths of beliefs and ways of life. A few ascended masters are Master Jesus, Buddha, Paul the Venetian, Green Tara, Freya, Odin, etc. There is no "one" belief system—but many. They bring their experience and wisdom to the table so we can more fully understand all of humanity.

Working with the Ascended Masters requires a bit of research and an investment in terms of creating a connection. Like most of the members of your Spirit Team, you'll benefit from connecting with them daily to really build a relationship.

Something else important: Think of them like being college professors—they are all experts and specialists in specific areas. Picking the one who teaches the specialty you are wanting to work with is key. Matching the right teacher with your intention is going to be so much more helpful than just picking a random one, but knowing who to pick requires some reading and research. Which leads me to...

There is a ton of information out there. Use discernment with your sources. Not every source is going to reputable. Google isn't necessarily your friend in this case. Find a teacher or author that you trust. Alternatively, you can do your own research using historical sources and biographies. Looking up what their life story was will help you determine the wisdom they bring to the table.

Don't have a specific intention you want to work on? You can just see who wants to work with you. You’ll still have to do a bit of research to see which Ascended Master came forward. Pay attention to any colors, symbols, messages, or sounds that come through during your connection and then grab some books and  figure out which one step forward.

I know research sounds like moving out of your heart and into your head. However, I find that with Ascended Masters, even though research is using the logic mind, it often verifies and makes me more confident in what I am getting with my intuition, in addition to adding more information about how to work with these Guides.

If you’d like to connect to Ascended Masters directly, you can book a session with me. It’s like a phone call directly to your Spirit Guides, helping you get clarity and empowering you to make the shifts and changes to tap more deeply into your joy.

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December 5, 2021
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