What is the #1 thing you need to know before you schedule your next intuitive session?

What is the #1 thing you need to know before you schedule your next intuitive session?

Right now, I’m serving as an ambassador for a business program I was part of a few years ago. As everyone introduced themselves over the last few days in the Telegram room I was in charge of, I realized that there were a lot of different types of intuitive professionals calling themselves a variety of different titles:

Reader, teacher, mentor, coach were just some of the most popular categories–but what’s the difference? And does it matter?

The short answer is: Yes. It matters a lot. What type of practitioner you end up hiring will 100% affect whether or not you feel fulfilled with your time together.

I know this may seem simple and straightforward, but here’s where the wires get crossed….

What you think they do–and what they actually do–may be miles apart from each other. 

So, let’s look at each category–so the next time you book a session, you’ll have a better idea of who you need to be booking with. And remember, a lot of practitioners will blend these categories, so it’s best to ask them directly how they work.


A reader is someone who is a one and done session (usually, but not always). You bring a specific inquiry or series of questions and they will read the energy, pull the cards, connect to the loved one or guide to pull through the information for questions asked. 

They don’t tell you how to apply the information or what to do with it. They just bring it through and present it to you in their signature way.

Best for: Inquiries surrounding the energy of something, mediumship for loved ones, or predictive readings (if the practitioner does those).


A teacher will demonstrate, inform, or show you how to do something. Their primary goal is to educate you about their specific topic of expertise.  Depending on the teacher, you may also be building skills to work on when class is done, but some teachers will lecture and just give you the 101 on a subject.

Best for: When you’re wanting to learn something new, learn more about a specific subject, or start to build skills on your own.


Mentors teach you how to do what they do. It’s more than just bringing information to a class. A mentor will usually offer programs that cover all the bases: what the subject is, how to do it, and, in some cases, how to do it professionally. You are learning exactly what it is that they do from start to finish. Mentoring varies in length and depth, depending on the practitioner.

Best for: People wanting to learn a skill in-depth or wanting to go pro with the skills they already have. It’s a deep dive into something very specific, usually with the business support to help get you started–or grow–in your shared specific field of interest.


And the last category is….coach. A coach is different from all of the above. A coach’s job is to help you dive deep by holding space and asking really amazing questions. They aren’t going to give you answers. Instead, using tools and specific questions, a coach will help guide you to figuring out the answer within yourself. They help you get unstuck, figure out a plan of action about how to move forward, help you to create your desired intention, and get you the resources you need to do it. Coaching is amazing when done with a trained professional.

Best for: Deep transformation on both the personal and professional levels. Great for people looking to expand, navigate transition, and make big changes in their lives.

Like I said above, many intuitive practitioners blend categories or do more than one thing. For instance, I am all of the things above. 

I am a tarot reader, a psychic medium and a spirit guide medium. Although I no longer do readings for new clients, it’s a skill that I’m fantastic at and still do inside Spiritual Evolution Collective.

I also teach intuitive development courses inside my membership, the SEC, and in my classes, like Spirit Guide Mastery and Soul Tarot.

I also mentor people on how to be a reader or a medium–and help them get their businesses up and running in my small group or 1:1 mentorships.


I’m a spirituality and business coach, certified through the Institute of Equity-Centered Coaching, who helps folks navigate “lifequakes” (those periods of transition that tend to turn things upside down) in their personal and professional lives, so they experience more meaning, fulfillment, and purpose in everything they do. 

Depending on how you’ve worked with me–or in what space–you’ll probably have experienced wildly different aspects of what I do. If you were to book a reading, but really needed coaching, you may walk away feeling like it just wasn’t “enough”.

That’s why knowing who you need and what they do is the #1 most important factor when it comes to booking time with someone.

So let’s take it one step further: How can you apply what you just read in real life?

  1. How do you personally define each of these things? 
  1. Right now, at this moment, what type of practitioner would work best for you? (Based on the above definitions) Why?

I'd love for you to email me and let me know! And if you’re not sure who you need to be booking with, definitely email me and ask!

Last Updated:
April 20, 2024