Making Memories

Memories are such odd things. Sometimes they can be so vivid, while other times they are completely elusive, leaving me reaching, stretching to pinpoint it. And I never know what will trigger one–a picture, a smell, a song. And then the memory rushes up to meet me, taking me back in time, like it all happened yesterday.

Memories are odd and yet they are one of the most powerful things a medium can bring through from a crossed over loved one. When we think about evidential mediumship, we often think of the medium bringing forth information like name, date of birth, a house number–but, really, how powerful is that information? Do those bits of information really hold anything for the person getting the reading? They’re just data. I find that things like personality and–of course–memories are 10 times more powerful.

Why? It’s because people come to me to check in with their loved ones. They want to make sure they’re ok. The sitter (the person being read for) wants to know that their loved one has continued on after death.  They want me to bring their loved one to life, even if it’s just for a moment. So when I tune in, I describe a laugh, a look, a passion, a personality, a memory because those were the moments where that loved one was fully and truly themselves. Tapping into that energy brings them to life again. A house number or anniversary date or a middle name doesn’t really do that.

So, as you move through the rest of the summer, pay attention to the things that create memories. The smell of their hair on a windy day, a laugh under the stars, a cuddle on the couch, their face lit up by a campfire, a moment of connection, because when that person is gone those are the things that will bring them to life again for you.

In honor of my dad.

P.S. There aren’t words to describe how it feels to lose a loved one. If you’re needing resources to help you navigate grief, please reach out to your loved ones or a professional support system to get the support you need. I have books and resources that speak to grief that I have used for myself and I’m happy to send you those suggestions, if you need them.

Last Updated:
April 20, 2024