How Spirit Helps Us Navigate Change

Last post, I spoke a little bit about approaching change in a sanity saving way. (Click here for more on that.) But, we can’t rule out how much our Spirit Team can help us during times of change.

I joke and tell my intuitive coaching and mediumship clients that I’m sort of like a phone operator. You call me and I call Spirit and pass along the information you are asking about—and while it does work like this for my work—it isn’t always so easy for myself. I have a few tried and true methods that help me, when it feels like Spirit isn’t picking up their direct line. 

Here are three ways you can receive information from Spirit, while you are in the midst of change, big or small: 

Signs. I love signs–usually because, for me, they’re so weird you can’t deny them. They usually pop up in three’s for me. They can be delivered in a variety of ways, but animal messages, “coincidences ', and cledons are what come up. For example, you were just thinking about that change weighing heavily on your mind, when someone mentions something that helps you move forward—completely out of the blue and unknowingly. Or perhaps you were thinking about taking a trip or starting a class and you get an email or see a book that has more information.  

I remember once I was thinking about going away for a week to get a very expensive certification. Within 48 hours of pondering this huge investment and reaching out to my guides numerous time for more information, three separate people (who had no idea I was pondering it) made comments about how expensive certifications can be great but really the greatest forms of healing come from inside you and you don’t need a certification for that. Needless to say, I never pursued it. 

Meditate. Yes, meditation. I’ve mentioned this before and I know meditation can be a real struggle for people. I’ll let you in on a secret—I’m not great at emptying my mind. A lot of the time I get quiet and start to empty and my grocery list decides to make itself known. For me, meditation is more about quieting my inner self down, by focusing on breathing and relaxation. Sometimes that is easy and sometimes I have to escort that grocery list out numerous times. However, once I get myself settled I find that inspiration and small messages from Spirit come through to help give me the clarity I’m needing to move forward. It really is worth practicing.

Divination. It works IF you are able to get yourself centered. When I say divination, I’m not talking about asking my cards, runes, or pendulum for the future. I’m using those tools to help me get a clearer perspective on the now. I’m asking them to show me what I can’t see or feel and I’m tapping into Spirit to get their view on the situation.  

BONUS: Your Inner Voice. Yes, this again. It’s not Spirit, but our inner voice is one of the most powerful tools we have. One of the best ways to weigh out your options is to listen to your gut. We’ve all heard this expression but very few of us realize that we actually are using the gut area to make decisions. In fact, science is catching up with us intuitives and has made some pretty interesting connections about our gut being a second brain of sorts. 

The solar plexus chakra, which is located in the stomach area, is where we process a lot of our intuition and emotions. You can actually feel it. You know that dropping-of-stones-in-your-stomach feeling when something isn’t right? Or that butterfly feeling when things are going well and have potential? That’s your inner voice nudging you. Some people will also feel it around their chakra. Play with it a little bit to see where sensations live for you. You can also journal to help tap into your inner voice. (We’re talking a lot about connecting to your inner voice over on the Adventures With Spirit Podcast — check it out!

These are my go-to’s when change starts to happen. It’s nice to know that no matter what is happening around me, I have the tools and techniques to navigate what comes my way. I’d love to hear about how you connect with Spirit for more information…what are you favorite ways to get clarity?

Send me a message and share them with me. I know I could always use more tools in my spiritual toolbox!

Last Updated:
April 20, 2024