From Calm to Chaos with my Guides

“Easy doesn’t always mean fast.”

I found myself writing these words in my journal the other day. It was a great insight–and it wasn’t mine. I had been doing some automatic writing with my Spirit Guides, after a particularly challenging week. I’m grateful I can always rely on my Guides for an insightful ( and TBH sometimes frustrating) perspective shift.

As I sat there and looked at those words, my initial response was, “Huh. I suppose you’re right.” And just because they were right didn’t make it any less “easy” at that moment.

Backstory:  My family and I are selling our house and getting ready to move. From the very beginning, my intuition was telling me everything would fall into place and flow.  As time went on though, I started to doubt my intuitive hits. It was taking a long time to sell this house. My old, familiar story of “overthinking” started to kick in with all the “how” and “what if” questions. My busy mind was moving me into a state of disconnection and doubt. I started second guessing things. Now, there would’ve been a time in my life when that story would’ve kept repeating over and over, but I was able to catch myself very quickly and only lost a small part of my morning to a spin out and move forward with my day connected and confident.

So, what’s my secret to such a rapid turnaround? My solid connection to my Spirit Guides.

Over the years, I’ve built up a really strong connection to my Guides, so that no matter what storm is building around me, I have multiple tools I can use to tune in for clarity.  For this most recent round of overthinking, I turned to a deck of oracle cards–they’re great for when your mind is all over the place.

I shuffled and asked my question, avoiding all the typical question traps like, “When”, “How” and “Why”.  Those types of questions are products of  overthinking.

Instead, I skipped the things I wanted to know and opened up to what I needed to know. I simply said: “

“Hey, Guides. I’m here. What’s our first talking point for today?”

That’s it. And then I drew 1 card and started the conversation.

Which led to the insight: “Easy isn’t always fast.”

I’d been thinking that easy meant fast or quickly and then things didn’t meet my expectations, I automatically assumed I had done something wrong or misinterpreted my intuitive hits. My expectations were pulling me out of alignment. (My Spirit Guides also tossed around words like surrender and radical acceptance to really drive the point home, as well.  100 pts for the hard truth goes to my Spirit Guides.)

People often ask how I navigate uncertainty and embrace change with grace. First, I’m not always graceful. Second, I give a lot of credit to my Spirit Guides.. No matter how turbulent the storm, I know I’m never alone.

Last Updated:
April 20, 2024