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You may or may not be an Empath.

This much is for sure: you've definitely got some empathic and intuitive gifts expressing themselves. Your focus should be on energy management, and balancing and recharging your energy, as you more fully open up your intuitive gifts.

You've definitely got empathic abilities!
Most likely these abilities will continue to grow and expand as you work on your intuitive gifts. It will be super important for you then to really pay attention to the ways your empathic gifts surface and choose a routine and exercises that help you feel recharged and balanced.

You're definitely an empath!
If you didn't know that your are definitely an empath before now, then the resources below are going to be a game changer for you. If you did know, then you may need to up your game in how you thrive with your empathic abilities. I teach different techniques, exercises, and ways to shift your thinking that will help you get a new outlook on your gifts.

In order to hear your Spirit Team, you need to learn how to hear your own voice first.

Tip #1 - We've all Been There...

Oftentimes we hear that empaths are people who feel too much. While this has some truth in it, there are a lot more characteristics empaths possess.

As you being to open you empath gifts, you may:

  • 🌟 Experience 1
  • 🌟 Expereince 2
  • 🌟 Expereince 3

action Step: Awaken


The AWS Podcast is ...

In episode three, Andrea (an expert on being an empath) and Jessica share the real meaning of being empathic as well as actionable tools so that you as an empath can make the most out of your gift while honoring your abilities and serving your highest good.

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Further reading resources

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  • Book 1
Are you ready to take the first step to working with your gifts?

Tip#2 - it's all about the grounding

As an empath, grounding is so important because:

  • 🌟 Reason 1
  • 🌟 Reason 2
  • 🌟 Reason 2

action Step: Ground, Clear, and Filter


Grounding, Clearing Filtering Meditation

With this meditation and pdf, you’re going to:

  • Result 1
  • Result 2
  • Result 3

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Soul Journaling: A Five Day Exploration of Your Inner Voice is a self-guided exploration for intuitive and empathic folks who want to learn how to unlock their connection to their inner voice and to Spirit, using journaling as the key.

Are you ready to go further?

Tip#3 - You don't have to go it alone

As an empath, grounding is so important because:

  • 🌟 Reason 1
  • 🌟 Reason 2
  • 🌟 Reason 2

action Step: Development

Personal Guidance

1:1 Sessions allow you personalized guidance and individual support as you begin to unlock your empathic gifts

In these 60-90 minute session, you’re going to:

  • Result 1
  • Result 2
  • Result 3

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Small Group Mentoring

Creating a Direct Line to Spirit

✓ On-demand, Online Learning Platform

A flexible, on-demand experience available when it’s most convenient for you.

✓ PDFs and Note Guides

Easily find the information you’re looking for.

✓ Live Zoom Calls & Replays

Connect live where I answer all your questions and help you troubleshoot.

✓ Weekly Small Group Coaching

With a Q&A or Process.

✓ Guided meditations

Connect directly to your intuition from day one.

✓ Practice guidelines

Reduce overwhelm and confusion.

✓ Videos get you started

Easily manageable lessons to walk you through the information.

✓ Private FB Group

Connect with your classmates, ask questions, and participate in group conversation.

Why Work with me?

I simplify the process. There is so much information out there about being an empath that it can be overwhelming.  I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you, curating and creating content in a way that is easier to understand and even easier to apply.

There is no “one size fits all.” From 1:1 sessions to intimate small group coaching experiences helps to design a path to connection that works for you. I’m guiding you every step of the way, getting you past challenges that may have stopped you in your tracks before.

Empower yourself. When you learn how to use your empathic gifts, you unlock your ability to create a life where you not only survive but you thrive—giving you a clearer perspective on your journey.

Live Your Joy. Developing your empathic abilities helps you to access your joy more easily and freely—plus we all need more laughter! To truly make lasting change you need to enjoy this journey, and laughter and having fun is a key component to that.

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