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You may or may not be an empath.

This much is sure: you've definitely got some empathic and intuitive abilities expressing themselves. Your focus should be on energy management, and balancing and recharging your energy, as you more fully open up your intuitive gifts.

You may also want to look into clairsentience—the language of “clear feeling”. Some of the traits you attribute to being an empath may actually be your psychic abilities picking up information through physical and emotional feeling. If you don’t identify strongly with being an empath, check out clairsentience and see if that’s a better fit.

However, no matter if you’re empathic or clairsentient, the tips below are going to help you explore those abilities.

You may or may not be an empath. Image: Lit lanterns on floating on water at night.

Empathic Tip #1:
Get grounded and in your body

It can be really hard–and even feel unsafe for some empaths–to be grounded and in your body. However, the more you practice this skill, the more control you’ll have over your empathic abilities.

Here are three things that will help you ground more easily: 

🌟  Take time to connect nature. Nature is one of the easiest ways to get grounded. It also doesn’t have to be a big production. Find a tree in the park, take hike, fill a room in your home with plants–all of these will help you ground more easily. You can even watch videos with nature landscapes. The point is to tune into nature to help soothe your nervous response system and make it feel safer to be in your body. 

🌟  Try a grounding meditation or visualization. Grounding meditations are so helpful and they don’t need to be long. You can find free meditations on the internet (or try one of our FREE meditations here) or you can imagine roots growing out of your feet and into the ground, anchoring you to the core of Mother Earth. You will start to feel yourself settle and may even feel your energy body “land” into your physical. It may feel a bit heavy at first, but that’s just a sign that you’ve come back home to your body.

🌟  Surround yourself with rocks. Yep. It CAN be that easy. On days when we’re struggling to feel grounded, sometimes just putting a handful of rocks in our pockets or tucking a rock or two under our work chairs will help us stay grounded for longer periods of time.

Empathic Tip #2:
Clear your energy. Then clear it again.

As an empath, you have the tendency to pick up the energy of people, places, and things around you. Clearing your energy throughout the day is a must–especially if you’ve been around groups of people or in busy spaces.

Here are a few ideas to get clearing ASAP:

🌟  Salt bath or shower. Water is one of the best energy clearers out there. Simply taking a shower and stating the intention that you’ll be using the water not just to clean your physical body, but also your energy body will do the trick. If you have time or a tub, a salt bath can also be really helpful in clearing away the day. Don’t worry if you can’t take a salt bath–seriously, the shower will work wonders for you. Just set a clear intention and watch all that junk flow down the drain.

🌟  Carry of piece of selenite around with you. Selenite is great for getting your energy clear. It doesn’t need to be a big or expensive piece. Just something you can hold or rub between your palms to help you get rid of anything you might have picked up while you were out and about.

🌟Purchase or make a clearing spray. Clearing yourself is key when you’re empathic, but clearing your personal space is super important too. We carry clearing sprays with us and have them in our homes. Simply spritz some of the spray around you and say a quick prayer to remove energy that isn’t yours or spray it throughout your home and crack the windows to clear out any stale energy you have hanging around. Jessica uses this spray and Andrea uses this one—but there is no “right” one. Find the blend that works best for you!

Empathic Tip #3:
You don’t have to go it alone.

We love books (and TikTok and IG) as much as the next person and they can definitely be valuable tools to get you started on how to manage your abilities. However, you don't have to go it alone. Having a safe, sacred space to learn and practice  your empathic abilities can be just the thing you need to launch you from surviving to thriving...

That’s why we created Spiritual Evolution Collective. It’s a safe space to get the support you need and to connect with others who are experiencing some of the same things you are. Click here to find out more.

There’s two more bonuses for you:

🌟 Curious about how empathic abilities really work? We have a whole episode dedicated to exploring and turning your empathy into a superpower! On Ep 3: Are You An Empath? we share the real meaning of being empathic as well as actionable tools so that you as an empath, make the most out of your gift while honoring your abilities and serving your highest good.

🌟Want to discover more about ground and clearing your energy? On Ep 10: Grounding, Clearing, and Protecting Your Energy we walk you through the 3 basic things that create the foundation needed to bring you back into alignment. We also share a very practical toolbox that guides you through the process of taking care of our emotional, spiritual, and energetic health, and much more!

The exploration doesn’t stop there though—the Adventures with Spirit Podcast is full of amazing information and tools to help you on any stage of your intuitive development and spiritual journey. Head over now to explore even more!

Are you ready to start working with your empathic abilities?

Why Work with me?

I simplify the process. There is so much information out there about being an empath that it can be overwhelming.  I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you, curating and creating content in a way that is easier to understand and even easier to apply.

There is no “one size fits all.” From 1:1 sessions to intimate small group coaching experiences helps to design a path to connection that works for you. I’m guiding you every step of the way, getting you past challenges that may have stopped you in your tracks before.

Empower yourself. When you learn how to use your empathic gifts, you unlock your ability to create a life where you not only survive but you thrive—giving you a clearer perspective on your journey.

Live Your Joy. Developing your empathic abilities helps you to access your joy more easily and freely—plus we all need more laughter! To truly make lasting change you need to enjoy this journey, and laughter and having fun is a key component to that.

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