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Q & A with Akilah Shani

Originally Published
February 14, 2021

This Soul Studio Conversations interview features the inspirational Akilah Shani to discuss the fascinating process of channeling her forthcoming Omni Deck! Akilah is a self proclaimed “baby spiritualist” who began intentionally sharing her gift of divination and mediumship with others in late 2017.

She enjoys learning about African spirituality and hoodoo and is incorporating these aspects into the relaunch of her spiritual business “The Unction Co.” in early spring. Akilah is currently preparing herself to align more closely with her spiritual purpose and is documenting her journey through this process.

Akilah’s Omni Deck *scheduled* release is sometime near the end of April!

Akilah’s website www.theunctionco.com is under construction, getting ready for the release of her deck and all the other offerings she will have available.

Be sure to follow Akilah on Instagram for all updates and how to get on the waitlist to purchase the Omni Deck.

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February 6, 2022
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