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January Pick-a-Card Reveal

Originally Published
January 1, 2022

Sacred Destiny Oracle by Denise Linn

Welcome to the January Pick-A-Card reading reveal. What is a pick-a-card reading? It's where I pull three cards based on a specific question for all of you out there. You'll look at the picture with the cards facing down and choose the card number that attracts you the most. It may come across as a feeling, a knowing, a visual element that catches your eye—you may even hear the number in your mind. Play with it and see what calls to you.

When I sat down to do the reading, the angelic realm stepped forward to help out. I decided to work with them using the Sacred Destiny Oracle by Denise Linn. The imagery in this deck is gorgeous, so take the time to look at the art work while listening to the reveal.

Before you listen to the audio below, take a deep breath and ask your angels, "What is the message I need to know as I step into this New Year?"

Then pick card 1, 2, or 3 from the first picture and scroll down for the reveal.

WIth the New Year comes new ideas. I've always felt limited by the number of characters I get to use for these pick-a-card readings on social media—and going live right now with my current schedule and obligations just isn't an option. Then it came to me as I was recording January's podcast episode—why not do an audio recording instead! That way both Spirit and I get to say what needs to be said without limitations on how we say it.

Play the Pick-a-card Reveal using the audio player below:

Because this is a new way of doing things, let me know what you think of the audio recording and any suggestions you have on making it easier for you to get the material. Let me know if you prefer the audio or the written version, and as always, I'd love to hear if the reading resonated with you or if you have any questions.

Happy New Year!

Oh! and FYI: I'll be playing with a lot of new ways of delivering material to you all this year.

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January 30, 2022
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